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Budding camellias

I haven’t had much success with camellias in the garden, except for this one, which I planted many years ago .. possibly 30 odd years ago ! …

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Brownhooded Kingfisher

Whoo hoo .. great excitement!!    A new bird in our garden! Brownhooded Kingfisher : Habitat:    thickets in woodland and denser savanna, forest edge, riverine and coastal bush, gardens and parks. Food:         mainly insects, also lizards (including chameleons), crabs, small rodents, … Continue reading

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Cape Sparrow family

As long as Slinky and MacDuff don’t get any ideas of a tasty juvenile Cape Sparrow for their next meal, this Cape Sparrow family will stay united, for awhile anyway.  They usually remain dependent on their parents for food for about … Continue reading

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Grizzly MacDuff

He doesn’t look all that grizzly, but he’s a look-alike to Grizzly MacDuff in the delightful series of Hairy Maclary books written for children by Lynley Dodd …          ” Grizzly MacDuff with a bottlebrush tail leapt out of his … Continue reading

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Jack Russell vs Beagle

Hubby and I are ready for another puppy 🙂  The question is, which breed.  Do we choose another Jack Russell like our adorable little Maxie, and our little girlie, Jackie?  Or do we choose a Beagle like cuddlesome, gorgeous Lily. Their … Continue reading

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Our Italian adventure began on this day .. three years ago

It’s been three years since hubby and I travelled overseas!!  Time to go again, me thinks .. our SA Rand has to improve by lots before we can even think about it! Sooo .. three years, on this very evening, … Continue reading

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More autumn pics from my garden .. my sanctuary

We appear to be leading quite a dull life at the moment with no photographs of exciting places or events.     Hubby and I have been involved with personal stuff at home.  Me, with my focus on the hip/bum/piriformis issue .. .which … Continue reading

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Hydrangeas’ autumn show

Not only leaves have autumn shades, some flowers’ petals also deepen in colour at this time of year. My hydrangeas turn a crunchy light brown but sometimes they turn to deeper shades of blues and purples …  before turning a crunchy light … Continue reading

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Slinky Malinki comes to visit

This is ‘Slinky Malinki’ .. one of our neighbours’ gorgeous jet black cat with green eyes, who, for the past couple of months has been visiting our garden on a regular basis He hops through the gate and strolls around … Continue reading

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Happiness is …. we have internet !!

Apologies for the silence !! Our internet has been down for the past 7 days and at last, today, we have had success with getting a Telkom technician to the house to fix our landline .. yay !! Isn’t it incredible how our lives have … Continue reading

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