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Throwback Thursday : snippets from the 1960’s !!

I haven’t had time to go through all of the next year, being 1992, in my sequence of TBT.    Each year my photographs increased in numbers.  I thought of putting up one or two, but that’s as far as it went. My … Continue reading

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Strange bedfellows !

Look what we found lurking on our bed this morning !!!   Yikes !!!!   Next to our pillows !!!! He must have come in for shelter last night out of the strong, swirling wind. Sends shivers down my spine ~~~~~~~~ ..

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Carl’s 40th birthday

My son turned 40 on Saturday !!    He wanted a casual relaxing day with friends and family.  It was perfect!   The venue:  Kaya Beach in Kempton Park.  We live in Johannesburg, nowhere near the sea but there is this amazing … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday : Ten years ago

My son, Carl, turns 40 on Saturday !!!   Forty!!   Four-oh!!   I will then have two children in their 40’s  !!   Holy moly!! Ten years ago, Carl and Nicole were living in Durban and Nicole organised a surprise 30th birthday party … Continue reading

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Connor turned 8 today!!

My youngest grandson is eight today !!  How time is flying!  Even though I am making his birthday party cake .. the party being on Sunday .. of course I cannot let his actual birthday go by without the usual ‘Granny speciality … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday : 1991 highlights and favourites

Best of the bunch for 1991 January :   Picnicking at Hartebeespoort Dam (with Mum and Dad) Love this photo.  Carl was still determined to catch a fish!!   (he didn’t :() Elaine kept him company March :  Easter egg hunt ! … Continue reading

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Sunburst and a silver lining

Spotted this sunburst whilst gathering herbs for our evening meal .. and just had to capture it 😉 Not really earth shatteringly spectacular but at the moment I have ‘blogger’s block’ 😉 …

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Throwback Thursdays: 1990 part 2

1990 continued  : May : Elaine and Suzie in autumn leaves August :   Elaine and playgroup friends celebrating her 4th birthday Blowing out candles with cousins, Daniella and Kevin September :   Spring flowers October :   Elaine and I flew down to … Continue reading

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Connor has green fingers

When Connor was in Pre-primary he used to bring home, in his pocket, seeds which he had found on the ground, to plant in my garden 🙂    My gardener, Samuel, in his wisdom, sometimes leaves weeds to flourish and plants … Continue reading

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