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Reading homework with Connor

Connor’s reading today was about Biff, Chip and Nadim spending the half-term week with their Gran, but their teacher put a spanner in the works by giving them homework which was to write a nature diary.   Disappointed children said they … Continue reading

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Conversation with Connor

Bradley and Connor stayed for supper last night, after which Connor and I sat outside on the patio…  just the two of us …  having a bowl of ice cream each.  After such a hot day and spending most of the afternoon at mini … Continue reading

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Conversation with kiddies

Setting the scene : at the boys’ school, Connor playing while waiting for Bradley. Bradley strolls out of class .. Connor now chatting with friends further away from where I was waiting Me having to walk all the way down … Continue reading

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I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but ….

Monday is my yoga day.  An hour and half of me time.   I am calm .. I am whole .. I am me.   I need the feeling to stay with me longer .. just a little longer before I step … Continue reading

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“The last one in the family”

That’s what Connor said the other day about our dear friend, Ray, who has been staying with us this past week while winding up his affairs before settling in the Cape.  He and Carol went down two weeks ago with … Continue reading

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He makes me smile .. this child!

Firstly, yesterday afternoon the boys were playing, peacefully, on the floor with Bakugans then as usual, an argument started, as boys do, ending up in one hurting the other, as boys do!!   Bradley ending in tears and Connor disappearing, knowing … Continue reading

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It’s private !!!!

Conversation between Connor and Bradley while I’m in the kitchen preparing lunch and they’re in the dining room … forgetting I have ears … and eyes … and can see them through the serving hatch !! C – I was … Continue reading

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Conversation with Bradley …

This morning, on the phone … Me ….. “Bradley, do you want me to pick you and Connor up after yoga, and then come shopping with me, or do you want me to pick you and Connor up after I’ve been shopping ? ” … Continue reading

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Exploding tummy !

Second post for today but just had to share this …. Bradley and Connor have an obsession with chewing gum.  I keep gum in the car … for me (!) … and they cottoned-on to the idea that I had … Continue reading

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No MacDonald’s !

Connor in the car .. on our way to fetch Bradley from school .. driving along a section of road which has a view across several kilometres over to a ridge of hills, Northcliff range of hills.  Sky is blue, not a cloud … Continue reading

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