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Licky licks

… hmmm … advertising, are we ? Slurping the juice out of the lip of the lid … Making the most out of every morsel !!

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Yesterday’s walk with Jackie

The season is changing … the sun is lower … Grass seeds ripe and ready to disperse .. .. back to the real world ….   a line of slow moving vehicles on the main road .. all on their way to … Continue reading

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Sunday’s story

Focal point …. … sharp point … …pointed toes … … toes curled … … curled over … …  bending over … … over water … … water splashing … … dripping hair … …. hair flying …  …. flying child … … Continue reading

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Remy the rat’s visit

….. A week or so ago, Bradley brought home the class mascot for the weekend, whereby the child who has the ‘privilege’ of Remy’s company for a few days, has to write about his adventures whilst visiting the child’s  family.    Remy comes complete … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

Pretty pinks and greys with a dollop of fluffy white on top  – like whipped cream on a soft and light strawberry mousse!!!!                      –  (from my garden the other day) For more spectacular skies around the world visit Skywatch

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Focus on a hole-in-one …

…   to practice close-ups using only the 18-55mm lens which was not on macro setting I’d like to be as compact as possible when hubby and I go on our overseas trip in July, mainly as it’s an organised coach trip which … Continue reading

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Baby Gem Squash

I’ve never grown them before!  In fact I’m not good at veggie growing but thought I’d try these little beauties!   This is the largest one so far, being a mere 5cm in length – they shouldn’t grow much larger than … Continue reading

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Simply Simplicity

I sat yesterday evening on the bench close to the swimming pool, having had a really lovely, quiet, gentle swim,  sipping a delicious glass of red wine … Rustenberg’s John X Merriman 2009 to be exact … watching the calming ripples on the water … Continue reading

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Connor’s “real birthday”

That was on Thursday 16th, and of course I had to make another cake … to have when we all got home from the rained-out cricket match Voila … cake made and iced … ready !!        Note to self :  don’t ever … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

This is how the day began yesterday … perfect ! … this is how it ended … Bradley (my grandson)  was playing a cricket match at a nearby school.   Play was suspended due to lightening 😦     The storm came over quickly .. … Continue reading

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