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Patterns and circles

We had a lovely short downpour the other evening, filling the dips in the garden as well as giving my garden a decent watering.   Being on sloping ground, it dries quickly so any rain is most welcome.  I sat on … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursdays : 1990 part 1- snippets of Cape Town 25 years ago

I’ve split the year 1990 in two parts mainly because I went down to the Cape Town twice during that year.  As I mentioned in my previous 1989 ‘throwback’ my Mum and Dad make the big move to Cape Town … Continue reading

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Flowers and neighbours

I’ve been busy in the garden lately, even though it’s been hot out there.  With wide brimmed hat and sunblock and a dip in the pool in between tidying and trimming, I’ve achieved quite a bit.  I tend to follow the garden shadows keeping … Continue reading

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New moon .. 23.01.2014

  I was sitting on the patio yesterday evening with my feet up and a glass of wine 🙂    It was quiet and coolish after a very hot day and a perfect crescent moon hung in the darkening sky …

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Throwback Thursdays : 1989 highlights and favourites

Cutting it fine for a Thursday !!!  We’ve been without power for hours today !!!  Grabbing time on the computer was difficult Jeanette was in Matric – last year of high school … Carl was in his first year of … Continue reading

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A butterfly – Marsh Commodore (Precis ceryne)

This gorgeous butterfly fluttered onto a window pane yesterday … …

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Hardy’s growing up

Elaine and Bryan left Hardy with us for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.  He had just been through his first doggie training session.    Life is getting tougher .. it’s not all about chasing butterflies, chewing nodding flowers on long stems, going … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursdays : 1988 favourites

Some are my favourite pics and some tell a story ….  from 27 years ago !! January :  Daniella’s Christening  (my brother Ian, and Kathy’s gorgeous baby girl)  She screamed all the way through the photo ‘shoot’ 🙂 .. My Mum and … Continue reading

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Golden sunset

Last week I posted about the rain and hail we had on Saturday.  Since then not a drop has fallen here … at our house.  Rain clouds build up and waft to the left of us and to the right.   The … Continue reading

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Roses and wine

I spent the day gardening.  It’s good for the soul 🙂 (Burgundy Iceberg rose) All my roses have bruises from the terrific hail we had last weekend A lovely quiet evening swim and a chilled glass of Jordan’s Chardonnay  .. … Continue reading

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