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Throwback Thursdays : 1990 part 1- snippets of Cape Town 25 years ago

I’ve split the year 1990 in two parts mainly because I went down to the Cape Town twice during that year.  As I mentioned in my previous 1989 ‘throwback’ my Mum and Dad make the big move to Cape Town … Continue reading

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Are there fairies in the garden? …

   … fluttering between the tiny flowers … … or sheltering under large mushrooms …  … which grow as flat as a fresh baked cookie … … and round like yummy pie …  (self pastry milk tart!) Are there fairies in the garden ? … where flowers look … Continue reading

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The Easter Bunny came …

..Yay … run, Erin, run … .. let’s find Easter Eggs with Bradley … … in here, maybe? … … a basketful of eggs to share … … num .. num … num .. !!!  My Sunday Selections had to … Continue reading

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The Easter Bunnies are gathering !

When Elaine was little, in nursery school, I had to break the news to her that there was no Easter Bunny !!  Shocking I know .. but we were travelling up to Zimbabwe for Easter and we couldn’t take Easter … Continue reading

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Weekly Winners :

Not many photos this week … I seemed to have been busy doing other ‘stuff’ …. … just a carpet of autumn leaves … .. crispy and crunchy .. … yellow, orange and brown … “There’s a hole in the … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday with family and friends …

Elaine’s ‘bunny park’ !! … started off with an Easter egg hunt. As soon as Jeanette and family arrived, Bradley was on a mission to hunt for eggs in the garden. The Easter Bunny can’t hide any of his eggs … Continue reading

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