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Jack Russell vs Beagle

Hubby and I are ready for another puppy ūüôā¬† The question is, which breed.¬† Do we choose another Jack Russell like our adorable little Maxie, and¬†our little girlie, Jackie?¬† Or do we choose a Beagle like cuddlesome, gorgeous Lily. Their … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday : 2010-12-10

On this day five years ago … Jeanette took¬†this¬†photograph of hubby, Elaine and I with our¬†adorable Jackie for our Christmas card …

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Throwback Thursday: Jackie – our special little girlie

It’s been a week since Jackie, our old girlie went to doggie heaven.¬†¬† At the moment, we are looking after Hardy, Elaine and Bryan’s puppy,¬†while they are on holiday .. which certainly fills the void.¬† But¬†we miss her terribly ūüė¶ … Continue reading

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Our little girlie, Jackie-jax

Our little girlie, Jackie went to doggie heaven today ūüė¶¬†¬†¬† She was 15 years old.¬† A spirited little girlie with a sparkle in her eye.¬†¬† We had to make that awful decision today as her minor strokes were becoming more … Continue reading

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Babysitting – bring’em one, bring’em all !!

As most of my readers know, ¬†I am a hands-on Granny .. I take care of my two grandsons every day while mom’s at work .. and I have done since Bradley was 4 months old.¬† He is now 11 … Continue reading

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Hardy meets Jackie

Technically Jackie is Elaine’s dog.¬†¬† She was a 13th birthday present from Carl and Nicole.¬† Jackie is now 15 years old!!!¬†¬†¬†As our house has been her home for the last 15 years, she’s here to stay.¬† Elaine and Bryan went … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings to all …

We had a lovely family day yesterday …¬†Elaine and Bryan spent the day with Bryan’s¬†family¬† (They came today¬†.. we relaxed, had left-overs .. the best kind !)¬†¬† Weather didn’t play it’s part .. drizzly and coolish – super for us … Continue reading

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What now ?

I’m feeling a little lost!¬† I’ve finished my epic account of our fabulous holiday in France.¬† I wish there was a way to print the entire thing and keep it as a journal !! Now .. what do I blog … Continue reading

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Walk in the park

Hubby and I took Jackie to the park in our area yesterday, late afternoon.¬† Haven’t been there in ages.¬† Jeanette often takes the huskies there as it’s the only fenced and gated park for miles around – ideal for huskies … Continue reading

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Waiting .. waiting .. waiting !

Waiting for more of France, I hear you say!!¬† It’s coming up again .. promise!¬† I’ve been away to Somerset West in the Cape to see my very frail Mum, who sadly didn’t know me at all this time ūüė¶¬† … Continue reading

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