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Throwback Thursday : Memories and highlights – 1997

Sooo   …   let’s go back to some memories and highlights!   My last post on 1997 was Jeanette and Lance’s wedding in January.  After the wedding, we took my Mum, for a few R&R days, to the Mont-aux-Sources in the Drakensberg.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday : 1994 highlights and special moments

Jeanette’s Graduation, hubby’s parents Golden Wedding anniversary, a trip to Zimbabwe, Ballito holiday.. again, cousins reunion, Carl’s first car and a few more memories in 1994 February :   Carl’s first car 🙂   he saved all his weekend student job money … Continue reading

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My cousin Barry

While holidaying in Ballito, hubby and I drove down to Ramsgate on the South Coast to spend a couple of very special hours with my cousin, Barry We are all Rhodesian born and as children, we grew up together … … Continue reading

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Last look at Florence

Day 12 .. last full day on our tour around Italy, and what a memorable and truly wonderful tour it was!!! Up early ..  we made our way towards Siena, home to one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares ….  but … Continue reading

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Losing ourselves through the labyrinth of narrow streets

Rome :  From the Vatican City, hubby and I crossed the Ponte Sant’Angelo over Tiber River and wandered slowly through the labyrinth of narrow streets and beautiful squares which have developed over more than 2000 years ..   We stopped here for … Continue reading

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Kudos to Audi

For those who know my hubby … he loves Audi’s  🙂 For those who don’t know hubby … he is a huge fan of the Audi motor car 😉    He has had five consecutively since 1998 and has recently purchased his sixth … Continue reading

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Take you riding in my car, car

“take you riding in my car, car take you riding in my car, car I’ll take you riding in my car  ….. ” “Engine it goes brmmm brmmm engine it goes brmmm brmmm engine it goes brmmm brmmm I’ll take … Continue reading

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Hellooooo … I’m still here …

… and will do a decent post tomorrow .. maybe … probably .. hope so !! What a busy week in this household!  I’ve been dashing around the garden taking photos of bursts of new shoots and spring flowers …   … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday :

Oh no … !! Stay there …. …. …. (damn it) !!!!!!! I haven’t joined in WW for a while – thought this picture story would fit in well !! For more Wordless Wednesday contributions go here and here

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Champagne breakfast at Arts on Main …

… was the continuation celebration, with friends, of Elaine’s 25th birthday! The buildings have been around for 100 years or more – a fascinating side of Johannesburg where old buildings are given a new lease on life … Follow the … Continue reading

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