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Flower Moon .. Milk Moon .. Bright Moon .. Planting Moon … … …

The other evening .. to be precise on the 23rd .. I spotted the moon before it sank below the tree and roof tops.  It wasn’t large, but it had a golden/pink colour. Full moon had been two days before, on … Continue reading

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Our family Christmas .. 2015

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, love and laughter .. good food and wine .. and lots of prezzies This was ours … Christmas Eve was spent under a full moon on Jeanette and Lance’s … Continue reading

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New moon .. 23.01.2014

  I was sitting on the patio yesterday evening with my feet up and a glass of wine 🙂    It was quiet and coolish after a very hot day and a perfect crescent moon hung in the darkening sky …

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Supermoon August 10, 2014

Bright and white …. at about 20:45 last night … the Supermoon! Not the most spectacular pics but the moon is at it’s brightest sooo viola .. a bright, white moon!!!   The moon earlier this evening .. at 22:15    … Continue reading

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Seascapes, sunrises and bits in-between .. finale !

A fisherman with his ‘toy’ .. a remote control boat which takes his fishing line out beyond the breakers, drops the line then returns to shore  . The flat topped rock brings back so many memories of our children sitting … Continue reading

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Sunset cruise on the Venetian Lagoon

.. and .. as I mentioned in my previous post .. a glass of fine red wine would have been a perfect accompaniment to the glorious shades of pink/orange/gold shimmering on the water as we made our way back from the fascinating … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

These were my first sky/moon/clouds photos I took with my new camera – 29 December 2011 For more spectacular skies around the world visit Skywatch

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The red moon …

oh hum … my contribution to the full eclipse of the moon is not fantastic – tried my camera, then hubby’s with Jeanette texting me what settings to put it on .. if only I could have found those settings  – … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

Following on from Firefly’s photo … which is far, FAR nicer than mine (!) .. I also spotted ‘the extra moon’ !!! I captured mine, either the following evening, or two nights after Firefly’s shot of the crescent moon … … Continue reading

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Water-colour moon

Ballito, Kwa Zulu Natal For more spectacular skies visit Skywatch

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