New beginnings ..

My new blog under a new name …

Please come with me to my new blog which has been painstakingly set up by my daughter Jeanette.    I know I will have a few hiccups along the way even though she has created an easy one to work with, with a dashboard similar to what I am used to.  Some things are quite different.  I don’t do change easily but I will persevere !!!

As for the name?  It seems odd, as I never, or hardly ever, mention coffee in my posts, or hardly ever, but I do sit in a coffee shop sipping a cappuccino most days after gym, pilates and yoga classes during the week.   It’s a time I catch up with Facebook as well as reflect on happenings in my daily life.. and think about what to next to blog about 🙂

Looking forward to having you visit my Musings with Coffee

About momsmeanderings

Wife ... mom ... granny .. in a nutshell ! Never a dull moment !
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