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I cannot do sit-ups or roll-ups !

Well … I’ve learned something new today … all about L4’s, 5’s, S1’s and sit-ups !! I don’t usually write about me, except in those dark days in 2010 when I needed psychological help when my world turned upside down, and writing my problems … Continue reading

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Will my story become urban legend ?

I was in yoga class this morning and apart from the meditative music playing and the voice of our teacher directing us through the asanas, the roof started to creak.   I still don’t know all the sanskrit words after all the … Continue reading

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"The sky fell down today ..

.. and I must go and tell the King …. “ … just like Chicken Licken … an acorn fell on Chicken Licken and he went on his way to tell the King that the sky was falling down. I … Continue reading

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Wine … and gumboot dancing !!

There is nothing nicer than to sit down in the evening with a glass, or two, of wine! Hubby has his cold beer .. I pour myself a glass of the red stuff !! I go through stages where I … Continue reading

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Our Greenbelt .. and walking off the ‘podgy-ness’

The very worst thing you can do is to hop on the bathroom scale when clothes starting feeling tighter around the middle! I know I shouldn’t have done it .. !!! Oh my .. a few kilos more ! My … Continue reading

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