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My spirits were lifted

After our usual early evening walk with James to the veld (greenbelt) the other day,  I felt quite disheartened walking back home down our road.   We used to have a pretty tree-lined road with neat verges of different styles of plantings, whether plain lawns … Continue reading

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Flowers and neighbours

I’ve been busy in the garden lately, even though it’s been hot out there.  With wide brimmed hat and sunblock and a dip in the pool in between tidying and trimming, I’ve achieved quite a bit.  I tend to follow the garden shadows keeping … Continue reading

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Rain and Hail

Yesterday the heavens opened!!  It was around 2:00 in the afternoon and within half an hour 65mm fell!  All in all, when the rain eventually subsided, we had 80mm !!! Apparently it wreaked havoc in the neighbourhood.  No damage to … Continue reading

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What now ?

I’m feeling a little lost!  I’ve finished my epic account of our fabulous holiday in France.  I wish there was a way to print the entire thing and keep it as a journal !! Now .. what do I blog … Continue reading

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This is our neighbour ..

..  he was murdered today 😦 A defenceless man in his mid-seventies. Tied up and beaten to death by intruders, this morning at around 9.30, in his home. His home ..  opposite ours. A wonderful man, a special couple, a … Continue reading

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This is Marley

03.05.2012 The above links to the post I wrote last year in October about the two large dogs next door who lack loving care and kindness.  The situation is now bothering me a lot, therefore I have now decided to … Continue reading

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A friendly wave ..

… a toast to the New Year … Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with laughter and love, health and prosperity … and may you always take a little time to stop and enjoy life … … just like … Continue reading

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I need to do something about it

I can’t sit back any longer.  I am going to the SPCA today to take the boxes of books for their book sales and to tell them about my neighbour and the way they are treating ‘their’ dogs. Long story … Continue reading

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Dear Neighbour …

It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?  Unfortunately you have spoilt your tree, which I look at every single day .. and many times during the day, as I see it from my kitchen window, the back door and whenever I … Continue reading

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A week ago today …

our three diseased and dying conifers were cut down … … they housed a nest or two … or three .. belonging to birds including this dove who sat on this branch while the tree feller started cutting …. The … Continue reading

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