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Flowers despite the lack of rain

Despite the lack of rain for this time of the year, I do have some flowers in my garden.   Water restrictions were implemented a few weeks ago therefore, besides others, gardens can only be watered from 6pm to 6am.   Not difficult if … Continue reading

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‘Blue Velvet’

Agapanthus praecox subsp. orientalis (‘Blue Velvet’) to be exact 🙂 ..  flowering for the first time in my garden since I moved them to a spot they obviously prefer… …

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Hoopoe’s tasty breakfast

“I spy a fat juicy worm ..” Down the hatch … ! “Yummmm ” !!! “Whooop -whoop that was delish “… “I spy another fat juicy worm “… The only thing that’s not good is the worm in my lawn, and probably one … Continue reading

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Some photos from Somerset West

Balancing act !! Ian and I had a lovely lunch with our dear friends Ray and Carol at the Goatshed, Fairview Wine and Cheese Estate in Paarl …  It was cool under the shaded terrace with bubbling water feature behind us.  … Continue reading

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Precious moments with my Mum

Last week I went to Somerset West to visit my Mum. Sharing my thoughts and feelings are always difficult.  Why write about them then? When I was seeing a psychologist five years ago for anxiety issues, she encouraged me to write things … Continue reading

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More of Max

I haven’t put up photos of our little Maxie for a while.  Today’s the day!!  He’s not a happy camper actually, as he was neutered on Tuesday (he’s seven and half months now) and I think the stitches are pulling … Continue reading

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Carols service and Nativity for grandparents at Erin’s school

Hubby and I went to Erin’s school in Benoni for the grandparents Carols service and Nativity yesterday morning.  We arrived at the school while all the children were on their morning break.  Hundreds of children !!!  Erin and her little friends were … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday : Memories from end-of-year 1997

Memories and highlights of 1997 is drawing to a close, but not before Elaine’s ballet school end of year concert, a quick trip up to Zimbabwe to see my Mum and Dad and our new puppy, Robbie !!! Elaine, winner of the tennis … Continue reading

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