Happiness is …. we have internet !!

Apologies for the silence !!

Our internet has been down for the past 7 days and at last, today, we have had success with getting a Telkom technician to the house to fix our landline .. yay !!

Isn’t it incredible how our lives have changed with technology!!  I’m not a techie person but my life has changed since I have access to the internet.  For the first few days without it, it was manageable using our cellphones to connect us to the outside world.  But there’s more out there than our cellphone data could handle!  It was like living in a remote area in the middle of the Kalahari Desert !!!   I hadn’t realised how often I use Google to look up information and things that interest me.  Up to date info at your fingertips without relying on Encyclopaedia-in-book-form-sitting-on-shelf which outdates in a blink of an eye !!!!

Copy of IMG_5113


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