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More autumn pics from my garden .. my sanctuary

We appear to be leading quite a dull life at the moment with no photographs of exciting places or events.     Hubby and I have been involved with personal stuff at home.  Me, with my focus on the hip/bum/piriformis issue .. .which … Continue reading

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Flowers for Friday

How sad.  I’ve nothing to blog about at the moment.  I could give an update on my ‘pesky piriformis’  resulting in stiffness and pain to my entire hip area and now I’m seeing another biokineticist who, with basic pilates muscle identification and strength, will ‘fix’ it !!!!! Sooooo … Continue reading

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Two little Dickie birds .. amongst others

There are a few photographs from our four days away in Somerset West that didn’t ‘fit’  into my last couple of posts.  They had nowhere to go except here 😉 I will never tire of this view from Ian and Kathy’s home … Continue reading

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Frangipani (Plumeria)

I love these flowers from the frangipani tree.  Their perfume takes me back to my childhood in Rhodesia … blissful carefree days.   Most gardens had at least one.  I haven’t seen any here as I would think our winters are … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Flame lily flowering in my garden : 01.01.2016 …

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Cycas revoluta vs Amorphophallus titanum

Strange comparison!!!  And not remotely related!!  These two plant species are absolutely categorically poles apart then why put them in the same blog post !! Well … there is an Amorphophallus titanium – Titan arum, flowering at the moment at Mount … Continue reading

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Another scorcher

Yet another hot, hot day today with a slight promise of thundershowers this afternoon.  ‘Slight’  means we don’t get it .. at this house .. at this garden. A few days ago we had a heavy storm and then overnight light … Continue reading

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