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Brown-veined whites – Belenois aurota

Butterflies … a swarm, a rabble, a flight, a flock, a flutter … .. ..  whatever the collective noun for a lot of butterflies of the same species is,  the Brown-veined Whites – Belenois aurota – have been flying through our … Continue reading

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Walk in the park

Hubby and I took Jackie to the park in our area yesterday, late afternoon.  Haven’t been there in ages.  Jeanette often takes the huskies there as it’s the only fenced and gated park for miles around – ideal for huskies … Continue reading

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Christmas Day with our family

We are very lucky to have all our children living here .. and for once we were all together for Christmas Day .. special times 🙂   I say, for once, because more often that not, married children have to split … Continue reading

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Christmas wishes 2012

To all my family … who read my blog … and all my friends in blogland around the world, my hubby and I are wishing you all a blessed Christmas and may 2013 bring joy and laughter, health and prosperity, … Continue reading

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Up the Eiffel Tower

The joys of being in a tour group  –  by-pass snaking queues to either climb the steps or catch the lift to the second level of the Eiffel Tower  … … by-pass 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant .. next time we’ll … Continue reading

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Boys on bikes

Yesterday Bradley and Connor brought their bikes to ride on our quiet road.  They don’t have much opportunity to ride on their road as it’s quite a busy one, but ours is generally quiet.  Connor hasn’t had much practice on … Continue reading

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‘” Thank heavens for little boys ..”

.. they grow up in the most delightful way ”  la la la … la la la .. ..  .. ” .. and they also decorated our Christmas tree this afternoon 🙂 Thanks boys .. it looks wonderful !!

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Flowers and a lemon

Change of  ‘scenery’  for this post .. using Picasa’s  Orton-ish effect   … in my garden bulbinella and a heavily laden-with-pollen bee !!!  .. hibiscus .. gardenia .. geranium .. hydrangea .. ‘my granny’  rose .. ‘germiston gold’  rose .. agapanthus .. … Continue reading

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Eiffel Tower …. and world peace

When in Paris … taking photographs of the Eiffel Tower from every-which-way is what people do .. including me 🙂 This is the spot, in front of École Militaire, where we were supposed to have our group tour photograph taken but … Continue reading

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Paris …. through the bus window

Day 11 of the ‘best of France’  Trafalgar Tour tour : …. was Omaha Beach, walk around Monet’s garden in Giverny then travel to Paris.    Free time for the rest of the afternoon before boarding the bus to Moulin Rouge!!!!   … Continue reading

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