Here she is … baby Emma Rose

Our little ‘ Moose ‘ decided to make her entrance into this world at 2.10am on Sunday 13th August weighing 3.37kg.   Elaine had natural birth after nearly 24 hours of labour, and half-epidural (she could feel her feet and legs) about 4 hours before delivery.   We, as a family and close friends, were on ‘ Moose Watch’ whereby Bryan gave us updates throughout the day and night.  It was an unforgettable night !!!  Finally at 2.10am we received his message we’d all been waiting for … baby Emma Rose was delivered safely … yay !!  What an emotional 24 hours for hubby and I (and everyone else on ‘ Moose Watch).   Tears of joy .. and relief !!  Hubby and I are absolutely delighted and love this little bundle of gorgeousness so very much

Emma Rose – 11 hours after birth – our fourth grandchild and second granddaughter.  Elaine and Bryan’s first adorable baby 🙂

She’s very alert for a newborn, opening and closing her eyes and mouth …

… and sticking out her little tongue ‘tasting’ the air of this new world around her

And of course, those irresistible little fingers and toes ..

As in the womb, so after birth .. that little hand is close to her face

24 hours of labour was worth it, Sweetie Pie.  To hold your newborn baby in your arms is the most amazing feeling you will remember forever.  I’m so very proud of you and love you so very much xxx   You are going to be an awesome mommy xxx

A beautiful bundle of cuteness and gorgeousness is our little baby Emma Rose.   Our hearts are full with love for this precious little soul

Naturally I took many photographs on the day of her birth both with my camera and cellphone !!!!  I will see if my blog space allows me to share as many as possible!!  I hope so


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2 Responses to Here she is … baby Emma Rose

  1. mithriluna says:

    She is adorable! Congratulations to you and the baby’s parents. I have an Emma too. She’s 25. 🙂

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