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Nice # 2 .. to market, to market, to buy a .. .. ..

Our full day in Nice … free morning to do as we wish, so onto the morning market we went, before making our way on the pebble beach, then onto the Vieux Nice – all so fascinating !! From the … Continue reading

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Quick pic .. Nice, Côte d’Azure .. sunset

  Haven’t done a Skywatch contribution for a long long time ..  hubby and I, with our tour group, were on our way back from dinner at la Bergerie d’Eze, situated on top of hill with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean For … Continue reading

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Nice, Côte d’Azur # 1

On arrival in Nice, our tour group was dropped off at Gaglio’s on Place Saint-Francois – Old Nice (Vieux Nice)  for our evening dinner before finally relaxing in a hot bath after a long day of travelling and sightseeing Place Saint-Francois .. Vieux Nice … Continue reading

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Walk-about in Monaco # 2

Continuing our walk in Monaco … Entrance to the interior of the Palais, which is only open to the public in summer, (no time for us sadly) to view “priceless furniture and carpets, and it’s magnificent frescoes”. View from low wall   .. Quaint … Continue reading

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Walk-about in Monaco

First stop is the Cathédrale de Monaco where all the Royal weddings etc have taken place, the most recent, a year ago, the marriage between Prince Albert and Princess Charlene.  I watched their wedding on tv, so it was wonderful to … Continue reading

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Monaco # 1

The drive through to the underground car/bus park is worth featuring on it’s own.  Most photos are therefore through the glass window.    Even so, it’s a ‘wow’ moment at every turn !!!   Seeing the highrise buildings and apartment blocks squished so … Continue reading

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Quick pic .. en route to Monaco – Cézanne’s mountain

I wouldn’t have added a photo to a blog post of La Montagne Sainte-Victoire from the bus whilst motoring along the highway between Avignon and our destination, Monaco, but a co-incidental article in our Sunday papers from last weekend with a painting by Paul … Continue reading

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A picnic at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Hubby and I took the boys to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens today for a picnic.  The weather was perfect  – in fact it was a hot 30 degrees C – a perfect picnic in the park !! The Botanical … Continue reading

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Quick pic .. Paris .. titbits for birds

A snack lunch in Paris just had to be a baguette with delicious fillings for both hubby and I, sitting under trees in Jardin des Tuileries .. with Musée du Louvre in the background Hubby and I were not alone when … Continue reading

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Avignon, Provence # 3

Sadly, we’re coming to the end of our walk-about around part of the ancient town of Avignon 😦    Passed a mouth-watering chocolate-nougat-and-other-yummy-goodies shop and couldn’t resist but to go in and browse 🙂   Yes, I said browse .. I have one huge regret .. … Continue reading

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