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We celebrated Elaine’s graduation …

.. on Saturday night with a dinner at …. As you all know there was a mix up with dates and we will miss her graduation by ONE DAY …. very very very sad mommy and daddy here!! 😦 … … Continue reading

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Weekly Winners : 20 – 26 Sept

“Incy Wincy spider climbing up/down the spout/wall …..” These ‘rain spiders’ give me the absolute creeps !!! I hate/dislike/can’t bear them with a passion! They always appear in the rainy season. This is a youngster!!!! The other day we had … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

“I’m leaving …. on a jet plane …. “ … “don’t know when I’ll be back again … “ Actually, I do … in two weeks!!! Hubby and I are going to Ireland for a holiday on Monday. We’ve had … Continue reading

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RIP Dumbledore

With Nicole still in hospital … improving daily, thank heavens, Carl has been ‘stretched’ a little … with looking after little Erin, who has now had to stay with Nicole’s Mum while Carl is on night duty (he is a … Continue reading

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Portrait of a budding photographer ..

Camera in hand … “are we ready, Grwanny … “.. nice shot of my Daddy …. “… a Skywatch photo …. “look, Grwanny … there are fairies … sshhhh …. let’s take a photo or two .. or three .. … Continue reading

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Jackie went to school …

.. for Bradley’s ‘Pet Day’ and she loved it !! Jeanette and family don’t have a pet and as Bradley has grown up with our dogs, Robbie and Jackie, we thought it good idea for me to take Jackie. I … Continue reading

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Weekly Winners : 13 – 19 September

Angel’s wings appeared in the sky last Sunday morning and I knew that my two year old grandson, Connor, would recover. He was in hospital with suspected pneumonia. He did recover and was discharged soon after I took this photo. … Continue reading

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What a traumatic few days we’ve had …

Firstly Connor spending last weekend in hospital with suspected pneumonia and thankfully as fully recovered – back to his normal ‘wild child’ self! On asthma medication for the next six months. Then my daughter in law – who started feeling … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday : Angel’s wings

My two year old grandson spent last weekend in hospital with suspected pneumonia … a little worrying but when I saw these ‘angel’s wings’ on Sunday morning, I knew he would be fine – and he was … discharged from … Continue reading

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Through my kitchen window …

… I see my yellow Banksia rose arching over the garden wall (photo is a little dark as this was taken yesterday evening) … I took this photo the other morning .. love this plant – such a pity it … Continue reading

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