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Our family Christmas .. 2015

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, love and laughter .. good food and wine .. and lots of prezzies This was ours … Christmas Eve was spent under a full moon on Jeanette and Lance’s … Continue reading

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Carols service and Nativity for grandparents at Erin’s school

Hubby and I went to Erin’s school in Benoni for the grandparents Carols service and Nativity yesterday morning.  We arrived at the school while all the children were on their morning break.  Hundreds of children !!!  Erin and her little friends were … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Jackie – our special little girlie

It’s been a week since Jackie, our old girlie went to doggie heaven.   At the moment, we are looking after Hardy, Elaine and Bryan’s puppy, while they are on holiday .. which certainly fills the void.  But we miss her terribly 😦 … Continue reading

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Our six year olds have graduated !!

Both Erin and Connor are at the end of their  last year in pre-primary school.  Cannot believe how time has flown!!  It wasn’t long ago they were littlies!!  Next year they’ll both be in Big School .. Grade 1. We, unfortunately, couldn’t go to … Continue reading

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Erin sang a duet !

She’s only six !! Hubby and I went to Erin’s pre-primary school concert yesterday.  It was called Under the Sea .. happy songs and happy children who sang so sweetly!!!  They weren’t terribly keen to do all the actions when each 5/6-child-per-group … Continue reading

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Christmas Day with our family

We are very lucky to have all our children living here .. and for once we were all together for Christmas Day .. special times 🙂   I say, for once, because more often that not, married children have to split … Continue reading

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Fun in the pool

It’s school holidays … grandchildren will be a regular feature in our home .. as was the case on Monday when Erin came for the day.   Nothing better on a hot day than release their hyped up energy in the … Continue reading

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Erin turned 5 today!

Not only was it Easter Sunday, but we also celebrated Erin’s 5th Birthday, with our family.  5 years ago today, the Easter Bunny delivered a gorgeous bundle of a baby girl as well as Easter Eggs!!!!!  ( Nicole went into labour during lunch … Continue reading

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Erin’s 5th Birthday party

Yesterday, Erin celebrated her 5th birthday party with her friends at the Chatoga Spur in Glen Marais.   Her actual birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year, hence the party with friends being held early.   School holidays and Easter weekend = most friends away … Continue reading

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Sunday’s story

Focal point …. … sharp point … …pointed toes … … toes curled … … curled over … …  bending over … … over water … … water splashing … … dripping hair … …. hair flying …  …. flying child … … Continue reading

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