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Walk-about in Paris # 1

From the Arc de Triomphe, hubby and I walked down the Champs-Élysées to Place de la Concorde.  Of course with camera in hand, I snapped away at buildings, shops and other things 🙂   … Lunch at Pizza Pino on the … Continue reading

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Karate Kid

Connor has been doing karate in Grade 00 during school time .. now in Grade 0 he’s advanced to karate as an extra mural – yesterday was his first day!!   He was graded last year (the only one in his … Continue reading

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Arc de Triomphe – Paris

Hubby and I caught the Metro from Montmartre to the Arc de Triomphe – another famous landmark I’ve seen in postcards, pictures, movies, documentaries etc  .. and there we were, right in front of it 🙂   I couldn’t help thinking … Continue reading

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Basilique du Sacré-Coeur – Paris

I was going to skim over our two days in Paris as I’m getting rather tired of doing these ‘France’ blogs –  even though I love, love, loved the holiday … but I must finish what I’ve started … to … Continue reading

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p.s. to ‘out with the old .. in with the new’

Just to add, as I’ve now read the blurp on the tag of my new Cook’s Measure from ‘In Good Company’ ……..  ” The cook’s measure has been made, by hand, in Liverpool, England.  It has been made on the … Continue reading

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Out with the old .. in with the new

I’ve had a tin measuring cone ‘forever’ !!!   I remember buying it from a Pick-n-Pay way, way back ..  about 37 years ago  !! It’s well used !!   Very very well used !!!   Most of my recipes are in pounds and ounces – lbs and oz … Continue reading

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One very wet baby bird

This little one had a lucky escape !!   Jackie has a taste for birds, especially babies who are easy pickings.  I’ve witnessed her catch a baby taking his first flight.  I happened to be sitting in the garden when mom … Continue reading

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