” Hardy and Lily are my best friends “

“”I am sad ūüė¶

My two best friends in the whole wide world have gone home.  Their mom and dad came back yesterday from a weekend away and took them back to their house


Hardy is always running around the house and barks at everyone who walks passed the gate as well as the dogs next door.  I like to chase Hardy but I have run as fast as I can because he is runs like the wind !!!  He is part Whippet which is why loves to run soooo fast !!!


Hardy is always alert and ready to run when he sees or hears anything different.¬† I like having him at my house¬†‘cos he’s a good watchdog !


Lily is my absolute best friend.¬† We play together all the time.¬† She bites me and I bite her.¬† I love to pull her soft velvety ears .. and she doesn’t squeal !!!¬†¬† We tumble over and over together!¬† It’s so much fun !!¬† When my mom and dad take¬†all three of us¬†for a walk to the greenbelt, I have to pull hard on the harness to keep up with my two best friends


When my mom and dad take us all for a walk to the greenbelt, I have to pull hard on the harness to keep up with my playmates.¬†¬† I wanted to show them the bunnies that live at a church down the road but the bunnies went into hiding when they saw us coming !!¬† ¬†“”




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My garden, my back and me

Glorious rain on Friday afternoon, 20mm to be exact, left the garden damp and easy to work yesterday.  It was rather hot in the latter part of the morning but I kept to the shady spots to plant plugs of lawn.  I have various lawns now in the garden .. the strongest and fittest will survive !!  Not the best way to have a lawn but over the years, and many of them, shady areas change,  leaving the original kikuyu a bit sparse in places.  The recent drought conditions has made it worse.  And I might add here that hubby and I spent weekend after weekend (I worked in those days) rolling, weeding, aerating, fertilizing and watering kikuyu runners until we had a lush, thick, green lawn.

Midday yesterday .. not the best time to take a photograph :-


‘Shade Over’ ¬†lawn is thin and wispy and has to¬†be planted thickly, I have discovered – I scatter seeds en masse.¬†¬† It needs a¬†different height on the mower and in winter it dies down, not completely, and pops up again in summer.¬†I have found it’s not totally ideal in my situation.¬† But it’s there.¬†¬† I have also planted plugs of¬† ‘All Seasons’¬†as well as scatter seeds en masse.¬†¬† There is a problem with scattering seeds .. .. .. .. birds!¬†Quite a bit has grown in patches.¬†¬† I seem to recall that¬†I’ve also tried ‘Evergreen’ seeds¬†!¬†¬† Only the strongest and fittest of seeds survive !!¬† As a result it’s a little patchy but my goal is to have a decent lawn at the top part of the garden!! Grandsons who play soccer, cricket and the odd¬†game of tennis, are not kind to lawns and they use the¬†length from¬†the top section and down the slope to the house.¬† Kikuyu is the best but not for the shady top section.


So … my mission .. ¬†since the rains have come, and praying they continue ..¬†is to get the top lawn growing¬†well¬†before the onset of winter, when¬†the dormant lawn once¬†again gets a hammering under soccer, cricket and tennis feet/tackies/sports shoes.

Getting to the point of this post .. with the ground being damp earlier, yesterday I finished planting 150 plugs of lawn .. this time ‘LM’ Berea, which apparently is indigenous, creeping and suitable for sun and shade.¬† Perfect!¬†¬†Survival of the fittest !!¬† We’ll see about that.


But¬†..¬† my back is taking strain ūüė¶¬†¬† For about two years I have had issues with my piriformis and hips, and now it’s my lower back. ¬† I love, love, love gardening, having planted every single plant, tree, shrub in the 37 years we’ve been in this house.¬† You name it, I’ve done it !¬† From laying paving to planting delicate seedlings, heaving rocks, cutting branches thick¬†or thin, trimming, replacing dead plants with new ones, etc .. etc ..

Several gardeners have come and gone over the years.¬†¬†Young Michael was a star.¬† He¬†hadn’t been out of school long and was¬†keen¬†to learn.¬† He knew nothing about gardening so I taught him.¬† Too well, I might add, as he eventually started his own garden service !!!!!¬†¬†¬†Samuel took his place and who is now our current gardener,¬† but he now has a kidney complaint and is awaiting further medical treatment.¬† He is therefore on ‘light duties’ and being that as it may, still tires quickly.¬† I am therefore left to do more.¬† I prefer doing a lot myself anyway as I know what I have in mind and because, as I said, I love gardening.¬† It gives me pleasure.¬† It’s my space.¬† It’s my sanctuary.¬† But …

…my lower back is retaliating !¬†¬† A year ago hip xrays showed signs of arthritis in the sacrum joint and spinal column.¬† Just a touch, mind you, but it was there.¬† I think it’s worsened¬† ūüė¶¬†.¬† My core is pretty strong, but I’m finding yoga not as easy as it was.¬† I’ve done yoga for many years and always found I can do postures with ease.¬† I am flexible, or should I say, I was flexible until recently.¬†¬† I used to be able to ‘go within’ and just ‘do’.¬† Now I have to think about it!¬† It’s not easy.¬† It’s depressing.¬† I know it’s also an age thing, but I didn’t expect age to come into the picture yet.¬†¬† I will be turning 64 next month.¬†¬† I am not giving up my gardening or my yoga and I am not reducing the number of classes I go to.¬† I love my yoga.¬† Sounds odd at this point as I am now saying I don’t find it easy, but I benefit by it, internally.¬† It clears my mind .. I am one .. I am in my space on the mat.

My physio suggested a year ago that I have a cortisone injection into the lower back. Ummmm .. ¬†not so sure about that, as I’ve heard it needs repeating twice a year.¬† I do stretches every morning as I wake …. every morning !¬† I get tired of doing them ūüė¶¬†¬† Maybe a few sessions of physio is what is needed for now.


Over the Christmas period I didn’t attend any gym classes, only walked the dog with hubby daily.¬† Walking is good.¬† It helps.¬† Getting back to the regular gym classes has been tough!!¬†¬† I am soooo stiff!!

Take it easy.¬† Take it slowly.¬†¬† This age thing isn’t funny!!

Well, that got that issue off my chest ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā¬†¬† Happy thoughts … … …




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Connor’s sunflowers

A¬†few of years ago, my grandson Connor planted tall sunflowers which were … tall!!¬†¬†¬† .. and he was thrilled !¬†¬†¬† He has green fingers .. whatever he plants, always grows !

I thought it would be fun for him to plant some again.¬†¬† Sadly not one grew from the packet of seeds I had bought.¬†¬†¬†Not remembering the brand of seed packet, I am not able to complain.¬† ¬† And not to disappoint Connor,¬† I bought another packet of the smaller variety (all the tall ones had sold out) and planted them in the same area as the dud seed packet.¬† Shhh .. don’t tell ūüėČ

He is delighted with ‘his’ sunflowers !!

copy-of-img_9248 copy-of-img_9249 copy-of-img_9254 copy-of-img_9255 copy-of-img_9258 copy-of-img_9259 copy-of-img_9262

copy-of-img_9270 copy-of-img_9275

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It seems I can create blog posts my usual way .. yay!

As I said I don’t do change very well – in regard to the ‘workings’ of momsmeanderings.¬† I have discovered how to get back to my old settings and ‘workings’ (for want of a better word in the land of blogs and all things technically related, of which I am definitely challenged)

My hubby had always told me to ” play around ” on the computer when I was first confronted with this alien contraption many years ago!¬† How far¬†I have¬†come !!!!!¬†¬† Strange to think, with my ‘playing around’ in the beginning, I deleted everything !¬† I mean ..¬† e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g¬† … off the computer.¬† Fortunately hubby came home from work to find ‘stuff’ being deleted one by one,¬† slowly and methodically, and immediately stopped it running. ¬† Thankfully he backs up everything!¬†¬†

Soooo, that’s what I’ve done .. pressing this and that until I found the normal layout of writing my blog¬†!¬† Yay!¬†¬†¬†¬† I can see comments that need approval, viewership and everything else in the way I understand ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā¬†¬† see smiley face ūüôā


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Another milestone for Connor

Being a full-time-hands-on granny, I have witnessed most of our grandsons milestones.

Today I watched Connor walk the ‘short walk’,¬†(as I did when Bradley¬†advanced to Grade 4)¬† ¬†a tradition held at the school for 20 or so years, whereby, when the children progress from Grade 3 to Grade 4 ie from Junior Primary to Senior Primary, they are led by a bagpiper between a corridor of children (from Grade 1 to Grade 7’s).¬†¬† He is now in Senior Primary !!¬† Oh my .. now time is flying!!¬†¬† It seems as if it was only yesterday I collected him from his first day at Pre-primary, in Grade 000.¬† Not without a¬†touch of¬†drama!!!¬†¬† I was¬†approached by the Pre-primary Principle and¬†Connor’s new teacher,¬†to tell me that he had been bitten by¬†one of the children¬†in his class!!!¬†¬† I was shown the bite mark and also told that¬†Jeanette¬†had been phoned.¬† It’s all been smooth sailing on first days of the year since then.¬† (The littlie¬†‘biter’ had anger issues as it turned out and Connor just got in the way)

Back to today …. a short assembly was held on the school field before the ‘short walk’ ..






Grade 1’s¬†… too sweet¬†in their oversized blazers and hats..



Grade 4’s turn their blazers inside out .. boys turn their caps inside out and girls carry their straw bashers under their arm ..


Jeanette taking a pic of piper ..


Principal leads the Grade 4’s.¬† ¬†I do like her enthusiasm for the children and the school .. and her smile ..




Look at that face ūüôā¬†¬† proud as punch !








The Principal then stands at the staircase to the Grade 4 block wishing the learners well for their year ahead.   A fabulous tradition !!!




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A rainy weekend

After really hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately, soft soaking rain over the weekend has been very welcome.¬† The change in the weather started off with a terrific storm on Friday night with lightening and thunder which sounded like a war zone (as is usually the case on the Highveld, and particularly in our area as we are in a lightening belt)¬† Storms accompanied with¬†lightening¬†come up from the South and sweep up over our house on their way North.¬†¬† Hailstorms usually come from the West.

Anyway, after the heavy downpour on Friday night, and one petrified little Jack Russell, who I had to sit with for a couple of hours in the middle of the night¬†on the kitchen floor to calm him down .. ¬†and once calm absolutely no way wanted to be alone in the kitchen, even in his crate (his ‘safe place’) and then spent the rest of the night in our bedroom (a habit I really don’t want to start) .. we woke up to glorious soft soaking rain .. the whole weekend!¬† Marvellous !!

Hubby had to release water from the pool before it overflowed ..




It has eased off now – Sunday evening.¬†¬† Getting my washing dry tomorrow would be great¬†¬†(we don’t have a tumble drier), before more rain, hopefully.¬† My garden, and the entire country, need more rain








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I don’t ‘do’ change very well

It appears the ‘workings’ of WordPress has changed.¬†¬† I liked the old /¬†alternative format of writing and downloading photos to¬†a blog post.¬† Oh my .. another learning curve for me!¬† Never a dull moment !!

Added a photo with no problem .. let’s see if everything else works (for me!)¬†smoothly. I don’t like the way the Stats appear for one thing.¬†¬† I also don’t see how much more space I have in this WordPress a/c before I have to start a new one (or buy a website).

” sigh ” I suppose I’ll have to get used to it.¬† Am hoping it’s a glitch and all the¬†tiny men within this computer are working frantically to sort out the problem¬†and all will be back to normal tomorrow !!

Flower is from an indigenous shrub in the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens where we picnicked on Monday, 2nd Jan.¬† I haven’t managed to find out the name of it.¬† Does anyone know?


Posting this to see what¬†if it works ¬†…. here goes ūüôā ….

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