Dressing wounds

I am not a nurse or have anything to do with the medical field – although I have a son who is a paramedic, who clearly, did not get his calling from me – but being a mom and granny I’ve dressed and bandaged many, many wounds with the variety of ordinary bandages and plasters I’ve had in my first aid box.  I’ve never needed anything else but the basics, except for now.   I must add here that I am squeamish … extremely so!!!  I can handle a bleeding wound to a point.  If it’s ‘pouring’ blood, I do what I can to stop the bleeding and take child to the doctor.  Once I hand child over, I collapse!  My job is done.  Child is in good hands now!

My son Carl – yes, the paramedic – was always in the wars, as most boys are, but there is one incident I will never forget.    He was in his early teens and took a tumble… a super duper side-ways slide actually ..  off his bike around the sharp corner on the road where we live .. said corner is always covered in parts, with sand.  In those days, I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes on the bed in the afternoon, (something I very seldom to now).   I could have a 5 minute nap.  Exactly 5 minutes!  My body knew when 5 minutes was up :)  Anyway .. there I was in my deep 5 minute snooze when a voice came from afar   “Mom I’ve had an accident”.  This was repeated until I woke.

There he was, standing in the bedroom doorway, arms and legs slightly astride, with blood about to drip on the carpet from knees, elbows and chin.  Grabbing a towel for him to lie on, I proceeded to wash and patch him up.  I can do all that.  But the chin was tricky.  It wouldn’t stop bleeding from a zigzag cut, probably a couple of centimetres long.   I bundled him in the car to our GP which is far quicker than the emergency room at our local hospital.   Once I handed him over, I didn’t have to be brave anymore.  I didn’t let him (my son) see me collapse in heap, white faced and shaking, needing my own assistance from the nursing sister !!

So yes, I am squeamish !!

Now, recently I have had to do more wound cleaning and dressings, this time for my hubby.

Hubby has had melanomas removed.  The first one was a biggie because the initial removal was done in the dermatologist’s rooms with a local anaesthetic, which was diagnosed cancerous, hence a second removal by a plastic surgeon resulting in quite a chunk being cut away to ensure all the cancer was removed.  This was then, thankfully, diagnosed clear.   When he was released from hospital I went with my hubby to the plastic surgeon to find out how to dress with wound, which I might had, was pretty large but very neatly done, with a flap of skin pulled across the wound and there was drain to release unwanted build up of liquid.   Plastic surgeon saw, and heard my reaction when I saw this neat patchwork skin in the groin area (a difficult spot as it was) and said something nursing was definitely not my passion or calling.  He was so right !!

Anyway, I managed.  All was well and healing began.

Another trip to the dermatologist revealed four more melanomas needing removal, also in the rooms with local anaesthetic and the same procedure followed.  Hospital, general anaesthetic and plastic surgeon.  These were not as deep and all came back negative after testing – thankfully yet again :)    The shoulder wound is quite long, with dissolvable stitches – easy on the eye (my eye and level of squeamish!) but the wound on the back … in the waist region .. is long and deepish.    A cluster of three melanomas were removed, hence a longer and deeper cut.   Definitely NOT easy on the eye and level of squeamishness hits the high notes every single time I change the dressing !!!!

But I must say, using the correct dressings for these wounds have made it easy, even though my blood runs cold every time I change the lower back dressing.

My nurses station and equipment:  Sanitary pads, I hear to say?  Marvellous for soaking up gunge that oozes.  All First Aid kits need a packet panty liners !!


I love these (for the shoulder wound).   Dressings for dummies !!!  Sooo easy to use, without getting your fingers stuck on the sticky stuff, hence keeping them super hygienic.  You unwrap by numbers.  1 and 2 reveal the gauze, on which you smear antibiotic cream.  There are two ‘finger’ places on either side that you hold while you place dressing, gauze side down on wound.  Press sticky stuff area


This is what it looks like on the wound.  Rip 3 off …


…  then 4.  Voilà !!   Dressing is on!  Sticks like crazy, hygienic and waterproof


Dressing for longer wound on lower back doesn’t have as many steps but works the same way.  Once step 1 is complete, I cut the sanitary pad (panty liner) the same size as the gauze and stick it down.  Antibiotic cream is smeared on SP …


Holding on either end you pop dressing over wound, firmly press sticky stuff  and peel off top (step 2)  ..


And there you have it !!   Both wounds dressed and out of sight !!

Let the healing continue

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Frog and dog get washed


No words necessary🙂🙂 :)   (James’ favourite toys)

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Not one .. but two new beds for James !

Our little James is growing!   As seen in my previous post, he already has a new bed (promotion gift from Hills pet food), a large cushion really and ideal for hot summer days when he wants a little bit of comfort, especially for daytime.

Hubby and I have had our eyes on a Dog’s Life bed, mainly because Hardy and Lily each have one which they love sleeping in.  So naturally we had to get one for our little Jamesie-poo🙂

He now has choices ..  a super smart red day bed ..


.. a new Dog’s Life bed like his ‘cousins’ and best friends Hardy and Lily ..


..and his crate (upgraded from small pup size to larger) which he’s had since we brought him home.  That is his safe space which I am sure he’ll use when summer storms arrive with the terrific lightening and thunder we get here.   We are in the lightening belt so they’re spectacular, sudden and very loud!!!!!


He was ecstatic when he saw his latest bed .. a bed to grow into :)   He bounded in, testing the cushion, ‘headrest’ and corners for nose snuggling


An opportunity for a mini photoshoot … celebrating his 5 months old birthday tomorrow ..



copy-of-img_7547 copy-of-img_7548 copy-of-img_7549


‘Eye’  see you !!!!   Pleeeeeze leave me in peace while I take a snooze




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Thank you to Hills Pet Food

I recently bought two bags of puppy food for James  –  Hills Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development Mini – and got a super day bed for free on their promotion !!

He loves it.  It’s cool and comfy



He likes hanging his head over edges .. funny boy ..



Are you going to leave me to sleep … ?


Please  …


Sweet dreams Jamesie boy, and thank you to Hills

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James graduated from Puppy School

Last Saturday was Graduation Day for James !!  Yay !!!!


Staying focused during each session was his main problem.  All he wanted to do was to play with his pals !  Phew it was hard work for me trying to keep his focus on each task!!  We noticed, a few weeks ago, when we had Hardy and Lily for the weekend, he listened more and performed his tasks better.  Putting two and two together we realised he was tired!

Soooo .. last Saturday we took him for a 2 hour playdate with Hardy and Lily at Elaine and Bryan’s.  It worked !!!   Our instructor, Ady, thought we had drugged him as, when we arrived, he sat next to me, with loose-lead, watching his fellow graduates walk into the training pen.  She should not have mentioned it, as soon after he was up to antics .. pulling on the lead, yelping, wanting to play.  As I said, our classes were hard for me !!!!  Photo below :  focus relapse  !!!!


James and I had been practising … a lot!   It paid off.  He was a star !!  He did everything he was supposed to do, or just about !!   Clever boy !!


Ady Hawkins  : McKaynine Training Centre, Delta Park :  Our fantastic instructor and animal behaviourist.  We learnt so much from her instruction.  I not only found these classes hard work (for me .. and James, a terrier .. a breed renowned for ‘hard to train’)   but fun, interesting and very informative



Free play  –  poor Maya the Lab caught between two pups.  James always thought he was as big as the others … a big boy in a small body🙂


After going through the paces in the training pen, we had a relay race.  Back-breaking for me!   With treat in hand, (to keep their focus) one has to guide puppy over obstacles, stop on platform for a ‘sit’ to end, and then a ‘sit, down, sit’ on the way back.  He was tired by ‘sit, down, sit’ and didn’t quite get the ‘down’  but it was ok .. he was still a clever boy🙂


Ready, steady …


Go …

copy-of-img_7492 copy-of-img_7493 copy-of-img_7494 copy-of-img_7495

A back-breaking experience because he’s so little !   Excuse the bum in the air !!!  Would love to train a larger dog like a Labrador :)  they’re big and clever ;)  it would be breeze !

copy-of-img_7496 copy-of-img_7500

My relay team …


Well done my Jamesie-poo !!  You ARE a star!!   So so so proud of you !


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More flowers in my garden ..

The temptation is too great …. I have to carry a camera around my garden at this time of the year, when, despite not a drop of rain since forever ..  except a light drizzle on one day a week or two ago .. my garden is blooming.  As I said before I am watering within the restrictions allowed.  Plants are doing ok but the lawn is not.

Sooooo … today’s pics include :  new lemon tree sprouts (yay!), petrea, rose, geranium, iris, rambling rose, bougainvillea, aloe, lavender, brunfelsia, flowering plum, sweetpeas, wild rhubarb…




copy-of-img_7280 copy-of-img_7284

















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Today is National Heritage Day in South Africa

…  or as it’s commonly known, National Braai Day.  We will have a braai tomorrow,   not because of today’s significance, but because our children will be coming for Sunday lunch !

This is a day when one should be reflecting on one’s heritage.  I’m not going to go into detail on my story or my family’s story at this point as  I have done so in many, many blog posts throughout my blogging years.  I have been taking flower photographs lately so thought I would show my heritage through flowers 🙂

Hubby and I are naturalized citizens of South Africa having been here for 42 years.  SA’s national flower is the King Protea (which of course I haven’t one growing in my garden as it’s a Cape flower and doesn’t do marvellously well in our Gauteng climate).  Elaine’s wedding bouquet was a magnificent bloom (Oct 2013) ..


What I do have in my garden are some striking strelitzia … indigenous to South Africa and blooming now



I am a Rhodesian, born and bred and extremely proud of my heritage.  My parents are both born and bred Rhodesians.  Hubby is also proudly Rhodesian born and bred.  The flame lily, from my garden, flowers at the end of November through December and is the national flower of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe …


Naturally I don’t have thistles growing in my garden either, or for that matter a gorgeous kilted Scottish piper standing in a corner of my garden !!   Scotland, being my Dad’s family home on both his parents side, with South Africa and England on my mother’s ..


Burgundy iceberg rose is from my garden .. not an English tudor rose ;))  …


But I do have Irises – or fleur-de-lis – which represents my hubby’s family who originate from France on his father’s side .. and South Africa on his mother’s …


Happy National Heritage Day to one and all🙂🙂🙂

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