Flower Moon .. Milk Moon .. Bright Moon .. Planting Moon … … …

The other evening .. to be precise on the 23rd .. I spotted the moon before it sank below the tree and roof tops.  It wasn’t large, but it had a golden/pink colour.

Full moon had been two days before, on 21st

Copy of Copy of IMG_5066

Each full moon has a name depending on where you are in the world.  I like the name for May’s full moon – Flower Moon, meaning “flowers are abundant everywhere during this time” ..  according to the American Farmers Almanac

Colonial American  :  Milk Moon

Cherokee  :  Planting Moon

Choctaw  :  Panther Moon

Celtic  :  Bright Moon

Medieval England  :  Hare Moon

Neo-Pagan  :  Grass Moon

Wiccan  :  Hare Moon

Algonquian  :  Flower Moon

English  :  Milk Moon

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Flowers for Friday

How sad.  I’ve nothing to blog about at the moment.  I could give an update on my ‘pesky piriformis’  resulting in stiffness and pain to my entire hip area and now I’m seeing another biokineticist who, with basic pilates muscle identification and strength, will ‘fix’ it !!!!!

Sooooo …. some flowers .. after a stroll around my autumn garden with camera in hand, while I set Connor the task of watering with a hand-held spray.  He missed parts and decided it wasn’t the best fun for a Friday afternoon:)

Iceberg ‘Brilliant’ …

Copy of IMG_4985 Copy of IMG_4987

Hibiscus … a pretty new one in a pot

Copy of IMG_5005 Copy of IMG_5008

Iceberg ‘Burgundy’ …

Copy of IMG_5009

Echeveria (rock rose) ..

Copy of IMG_5010

Copy of IMG_5039

Copy of IMG_5015

Hebe …

Copy of IMG_5016

Hypoestes (ribbon bush) …

Copy of IMG_5024

Copy of IMG_5054

Copy of IMG_5032

Copy of IMG_5036

Plumbago ..

Copy of IMG_5040

Bougainvillea ..

Copy of IMG_5042 Copy of IMG_5049

Seedlings to plant over the weekend …

Copy of IMG_5058

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Drakensberg landscape

Today was an indoor .. tea and homemade scones topped with strawberry jam and fresh cream .. yummy beef stew supper .. cuddle under blankets .. kind-of day.  It has rained the entire day.   Very light rain to a good soaking rain off and on.  Wonderful for the garden as it hasn’t rained for weeks and weeks, but temps have dropped somewhat and this evening it’s dark and rather chilly!   Winter is around the corner, or possibly here already if this chilly weather continues

Looking through some past photographs I came across a few I took on our last day in the Drakensberg on our way home from our fabulous holiday at Umngazi River Bungalows, the Midlands and the Berg

IMG_4150 IMG_4159


The majestic Amphitheatre in the distance is under cloud …


Tugela River, the source being the Mont-Aux-Sources plateau which extends several kilometers beyond the Amphitheatre escarpment from which the falls drop 948m (3110ft)



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I’ve caught up with my blogging of our recent short trips and a wedding …

Sooooo .. getting back into my garden, with camera in hand, I spotted heavy dew on the roses early one morning recently …

Copy of IMG_4933 Copy of IMG_4936 Copy of IMG_4938

Copy of IMG_4943 Copy of IMG_4948 Copy of IMG_4957 Copy of IMG_4963 Copy of IMG_4964 Copy of IMG_4966


‘Every dew-drop and rain-drop had a whole heaven within it. ‘
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Coffee date at Terbodore Coffee Roasters in the Midlands

On the morning of Sharon and Ronald’s wedding, hubby and I met Elaine and Bryan at Terbodore, a fabulous coffee roastery on a farm, close to Providence Country Weddings where Elaine and Bryan were married nearly three years ago


The coffee is absolutely delish !!!   I love the ‘doggie’ biscuits served with the coffees !

Copy of IMG_4493


The family dogs, two of which are enormous Great Danes are quite comfortable sleeping under tables, in doorways and under the trees.  We had an old large Lab at our feet .. who reminded us of our beloved Robbie …

Copy of IMG_4518

Copy of IMG_4498

Copy of IMG_4494 Copy of IMG_4500 Copy of IMG_4501 Copy of IMG_4502 Copy of IMG_4503 Copy of IMG_4504

Copy of IMG_4505 Copy of IMG_4507 Copy of IMG_4509 Copy of IMG_4510 Copy of IMG_4511 Copy of IMG_4512

Copy of IMG_4516

Copy of IMG_4514

There is another Terbodore Roastery in Franschhoek, also run by a member of the family at Goederust Farm along the R45


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Walkabout in the Midlands

I had time for a walkabout on the morning of Sharon and Ronald’s wedding at Lords of the Manor before hubby and I met Elaine and Bryan for morning coffee at Terbodore in Nottingham Road, and again early the following morning before breakfast and heading home

We had a Garden Room with a magnificent view …


Ours was at the end on the right  ..


Short walk to the hotel …

IMG_4448 IMG_4449

There are two magnificent +- 150 year old oak trees on the property.   Under this one is a Labyrinth …

Copy of IMG_4461

It will be lovely when it’s fully developed ..

Copy of IMG_4455


IMG_4467 IMG_4468

Roosters, hens and chicks wander around .. everywhere !

IMG_4469 IMG_4474

IMG_4470 IMG_4476


Copy of IMG_4487


IMG_4478 IMG_4479 IMG_4480 IMG_4481 IMG_4482

Early Sunday morning I ventured through the ‘garden’ gate and walked down to the trout dam on the grounds of Saddle and Trout ..





A flypast of Blue Cranes …

IMG_4754 IMG_4758 IMG_4763

.. and ducks ..


IMG_4766 IMG_4767 IMG_4768

IMG_4770 IMG_4771

Looking back up the hill to the Garden Room of Lords of the Manor ..


IMG_4777 IMG_4778

More Blue Cranes ..




Next post … morning coffee at Terbodore Roastery

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Sharon and Ronald’s wedding in the Midlands

Two weekends ago hubby and I were in the Midlands at the wedding of my niece, Sharon, to the love of her life, Ronald, held at a gorgeous boutique hotel, the Lords of the Manor.

It was a beautiful wedding with family and close friends, the setting was gorgeous and Sharon looked stunning!!!   Jeanette took the official photographs, some of which are on her blog

Copy of IMG_4483

Beautiful small chapel beyond the trees …

Copy of IMG_4726


IMG_4466 IMG_4540 IMG_4542

What made their wedding extra special was that the ceremony was conducted by Gavin, Sharon’s uncle.  Sharon’s dad, Barry, and Gavin are brothers





A family memorial candle burned throughout the ceremony  …


My favourite Aunty Paddy (my mom’s sister) and Uncle Ken (Barry and Gavin’s mom and dad) ..


It’s a lovely intimate chapel with light streaming through small windows ..

Copy of IMG_4555


I was sitting at the door ..  a perfect spot to watch Sharon’s veil blow off with a gust of wind, sending bride and bridesmaids into fits of laughter !!


Copy of IMG_4584

Copy of IMG_4588

Little Emily took her petal scattering very seriously :)  So sweet

Copy of IMG_4597 Copy of IMG_4602

Father of the bride, Barry, walked arm in arm down the aisle with his two gorgeous daughters ..

Copy of IMG_4606


IMG_4622 IMG_4627 IMG_4629 IMG_4636 IMG_4639 IMG_4646

Sharon and her mom, Caryl …

IMG_4650 IMG_4655

Cousins ..


Love this one ..


Copy of IMG_4701 Copy of IMG_4704 Copy of IMG_4712

IMG_4722 IMG_4727 IMG_4733

Copy of IMG_4734

Very special father and daughter dance ..


Wishing Sharon and Ronald an amazing life together as husband and wife filled with love, laughter and togetherness xxx

Next post …. more pics from our weekend at Lords of the Manor in the Midlands

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