Blue and white

I love blue and white ..  from décor to flowers

Plumbago auriculata (blue – variety ‘Royal Cape’) and plumbago auriculata alba (white) .. in my garden

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Throwback Thursday : snippets from the 1960’s !!

I haven’t had time to go through all of the next year, being 1992, in my sequence of TBT.    Each year my photographs increased in numbers.  I thought of putting up one or two, but that’s as far as it went.

My cousin Peter, and his partner are out here from England, on holiday.  We haven’t seen each other since we were both in high school .. around 40 years ago!!!!!  It was wonderful seeing him and meeting his partner, even though we only had a few hours over a cup of tea to reminisce and catch up.  Definitely not long enough!!!    My parents, brothers and I often went down to the Natal coast on holidays, from Rhodesia, and always spent family time with our Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

Having touched on ‘the old days’ briefly, I took out my old photograph album today – my very first one (!)-  as I remembered I had a few photographs of our Natal cousins which I had taken with my very first camera, a Brownie 127 !!!    (which my children played with for many, many years and sadly ended up in the bin :(  )




IMG_5535 IMG_5537

My other cousin, Gavin, and I grew up together in Bulawayo (he is on my mum’s side whereas cousin Peter is on my dad’s side).  We both were given our first cameras for Christmas 1961 so naturally as children do, we took photographs of each other with our brand new cameras !    And we clicked at exactly the same time !!!

Copy of IMG_5526

Must add this photograph of our home, Craigo, in Bulawayo, from my first page of the album .. also taken in 1961.   That’s my Mum’s car – a Morris Minor Traveller Station Wagon – it was dark green with a wood trim.  As children, we loved that car especially when we sat at the back with back doors wide open and legs dangling over the edge while in motion!!!!!!!  Horrors when I think of it now!!!!!  Even though Mum drove very slowly!!!   Bulawayo has large humps in the roads and we used to love it when she drove up and down the humps !!!!  We had to hold the back doors open and hope our fingers didn’t get squashed!!!   I grew up with boys – brothers and cousins – and had to do what they did!!!    (I think the dips were for rain water as another memory is of us getting stuck, in this car, in the middle of a dip with rain water up to the doors!!! – not with our legs dangling!!)

Copy of IMG_5525

Getting back to cousin Peter.  On this particular holiday, in 1964, we stayed at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks, north of Durban.   In those days the hotel was a lovely family establishment, unlike now –  54 years later – it’s a luxury five-star hotel.  It was originally built in 1869 as a beach cottage and retained its name when it was converted into a hotel in the 1930’s …


Iconic lighthouse still operates today …


On Umhlanga Rocks beach .. my Mum and Dad in the middle, Auntie Marjie and Sally, Peter and Michael and our Granny (mother to my Dad and Marjie)

Copy of IMG_5517


Lastly in this group of photos, I am adding a photograph of the Rhodesia Castle docked in Durban harbour.   I remember feeling so excited to see a ship named after our country !!!

Rhodesia Castle (Union-Castle Line) built in 1951 – scrapped in 1967

Copy of IMG_5524

Wonderful memories !!!!

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Strange bedfellows !

Look what we found lurking on our bed this morning !!!   Yikes !!!!   Next to our pillows !!!!

Copy of IMG_5511

Copy of IMG_5516

He must have come in for shelter last night out of the strong, swirling wind.

Sends shivers down my spine ~~~~~~~~


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Carl’s 40th birthday

My son turned 40 on Saturday !!    He wanted a casual relaxing day with friends and family.  It was perfect!   The venue:  Kaya Beach in Kempton Park.  We live in Johannesburg, nowhere near the sea but there is this amazing venue with white sand and benches.  You take your shoes off :)  … you relax … you enjoy … you eat … it’s fun … it’s differentes

Copy of IMG_5254

Copy of IMG_5253

I found the glare from the white sand and cloudy skies was tricky for photos – if there’s a solution I don’t know it – hence the bright cake !!

Copy of IMG_5219

Carl is a Freemason and asked me to make a Freemason cake.   Googling toppings was daunting as most were in detail, some intricately so, and way beyond my capability.  I go for simple!!!    I want guests to eat and enjoy the cake (my usual choccie cake never fails!!!)   So this was the result … it was the first time I’d tried cut-outs made with fondant.  He was pleased .. he loved it :)

Copy of IMG_5216

Ian and Kathy flew up from Cape Town especially for his birthday.  Very special indeed :)

Copy of IMG_5224

Copy of IMG_5230 Copy of IMG_5233

Copy of IMG_5238

Copy of IMG_5241

Love this one of Carl and Nicole ..

Copy of IMG_5245 Copy of IMG_5249

Copy of IMG_5262

Copy of IMG_5266

There is even a resident Springbok which has been hand-reared by the owners since she was born.  She thinks she’s a rooster though and follows them all around the large enclosure ..

Copy of IMG_5268

Copy of IMG_5270

Copy of IMG_5271

Copy of IMG_5273

Copy of IMG_5274

Copy of IMG_5276

Bradley took a liking to the homemade bread …


Copy of IMG_5292

Carl and his ‘little’ sister …   (I took a photo of the two of them 10 years ago on his 30th – see previous blog post)

Copy of IMG_5290

Copy of IMG_5305

Copy of IMG_5306

Erin wanted one trick candle ..

Copy of IMG_5312

Copy of IMG_5314

Helping hands for cutting the cake  ..

Copy of IMG_5321

Family photo time !!!!

Copy (2) of IMG_5325

A rare photograph … hubby and I with our three children

Copy (2) of IMG_5340

Love this one – also a very rare photograph – we never seem to take a photograph of our  three children together.  In fact the last time was at Carl and Nicole’s wedding 15 years ago !!!!

Copy of IMG_5348

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Throwback Thursday : Ten years ago

My son, Carl, turns 40 on Saturday !!!   Forty!!   Four-oh!!   I will then have two children in their 40’s  !!   Holy moly!!

Ten years ago, Carl and Nicole were living in Durban and Nicole organised a surprise 30th birthday party for him.    Hubby, Elaine and I drove down for the weekend and stayed at a lovely B&B in Kloof.   Nicole’s parents also drove down for the weekend staying with friends so as not to give the game away.  Carl had no idea at all!

We all gathered at a restaurant in Durban and waited for the birthday boy :)    Both Carl and Nicole are paramedics and unbeknown to him, Nicole had organised for him to be on night shift  .. a long night ahead .. on his 30th birthday!!    Not the best way to celebrate a birthday, especially a 30th!!    The call centre was ‘ in ‘ on the evenings events and called his response vehicle to respond to an emergency at the restaurant.    Response vehicle outside with Carl leaping out and grabbing his medical kit to attend the ‘emergency’

Copy of IMG_0147

Surprise !!!!   No heart attack patient … friends and family instead  !!!

Copy of Img_0150

I remember him being a little taken aback and it took a while for the penny to really drop.  There was no emergency.  He was NOT on duty.   He was NOT on night shift.  Nicole had a change of clothing.   He could relax and enjoy his birthday !!

Still a little stunned, he bid goodnight to his crew ..

Copy of Img_0151

Copy of IMG_0154

So pleased to see and hug his little sister ..

Copy of IMG_0155

Nicole’s Mum and Dad, and me, with Tanith .. Nicole’s partner in crime :)

Copy of IMG_0152

Sadly, those are the only photographs we have of that evening.

But, let me elaborate on the weekend.   We stayed in a wonderful B&B run by a super couple.  He was a tea taster and a very interesting chappie to chat to.  About a year or so after this, they sold their home and B&B

Our room was above the garage and Elaine’s attic room was in the main house ..

Collages171 Stunning view from the patio ..

Copy of IMG_0136

Copy of IMG_0139

Copy of IMG_0134

Copy of IMG_0137

Next morning we drove to the other side of the ravine – B&B marked by *** ..

Copy of IMG_0160

Copy of IMG_0162

Copy of IMG_0161

The old Kloof Station where we had lunch on our arrival  ..



The day after Carl’s party we joined Carl, Nicole and her Mum and Dad for tea and birthday cake at C and N’s  house in Hillcrest, before spending a couple of hours at Ushaka Marine World in Durban ..

Copy of IMG_0166 Copy of IMG_0167

Ushaka Marine World ..

Copy of IMG_0213

Feb 2005 - Carl's 30th

Copy of IMG_0168 Copy of IMG_0169

Copy of IMG_0171

Copy of IMG_0173

Copy of IMG_0178 Copy of IMG_0179 Copy of IMG_0184

Copy of IMG_0185 Copy of IMG_0186 Copy of IMG_0188

Copy of IMG_0196 Copy of IMG_0205 Copy of IMG_0207

Copy of IMG_0212

Copy of IMG_0217

Copy of Img_0215

Copy of IMG_0229 Copy of IMG_0237

Feb 2005 - Carl's 30th 1

Majority of the photos are taken with our first digital camera

Great memories my boy !!!    … and in two days time you’ll be turning 40 !!


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Connor turned 8 today!!

My youngest grandson is eight today !!  How time is flying!  Even though I am making his birthday party cake .. the party being on Sunday .. of course I cannot let his actual birthday go by without the usual ‘Granny speciality choccie cake’ with candles :)

Copy of IMG_5159

Copy of IMG_5162



Copy of IMG_5181

Copy of IMG_5183

Copy of IMG_5170

Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy xxx

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Throwback Thursday : 1991 highlights and favourites

Best of the bunch for 1991

January :   Picnicking at Hartebeespoort Dam (with Mum and Dad)

Jan 91 - picnic

Jan 91 - hartebeespoort dam

Love this photo.  Carl was still determined to catch a fish!!   (he didn’t :() Elaine kept him company

Jan 91 - hartebeespoort dam 2

March :  Easter egg hunt !

Jan 91 - easter

All looking rather satisfied with egg hunt!   Jeanette had a weekend student job in Woolies, hence the uniform …

Jan 91 - easter  1

May :   My first carrots !!!

May 91 - carrots 1

June :    Jeanette’s 19th birthday

June 91 - J 19 b-day

Elaine and our lovable Dennis …

June 91 - E and Dennis

July :  Elaine and Scampy

July  91 - E and Scampy

Our family holiday in Ballito – July  :

July  91 - Ballito 10

July  91 - Ballito 13

Elaine loved her cousin, Daniella!    She always wanted to take her by the arm or hand :)

July  91 - Ballito 14

July  91 - Ballito 15

Kevin enjoying the wet sand …

July  91 - Ballito 11


Keeping hubby fit .. either playing with a frisbie or bat and ball with Carl, who would rather play beach games than swim in the sea  …  hubby had to keep up !!!

July  91 - Ballito 16

July  91 - Ballito 17

Littlies joined in the fun ..

July  91 - Ballito 22

Maritime Museum – Durban Harbour

July  91 - Ballito 18 - maritime museum

At the wheel of the tug boat ..

July  91 - Ballito 19 - John - tug boat

Carl on a mine sweeper ..

July  91 - Ballito 20 - mine sweeper

Sea World at Durban’s beachfront.  Long since gone.  It’s now, Ushaka Marine World,  in another location in Durban …

July 91 - Sea World 1

Rock climbing on rocks between Ballito and Thompson’s beaches ..

July  91 - Ballito 4

July  91 - Ballito 8

Celebrating hubby’s birthday at Mike’s Kitchen, Umhlanga Rocks …  (he often had his birthday on our holidays)

July  91 - Ballito 23

August :   Elaine’s 5th birthday

Aug 91 - E 's 5th b-day

Her birthday party with her playgroup friends ..

Aug 91 - E 's 5th b-day party

September :   first time growing pretty poppies !!!

Sept 91 - my poppies

December :    Elaine always decorated our Christmas tree.  She has passed the baton onto the Bradley and Connor :)

Dec 91 - Xmas 1

Traditional ‘photo with prezzies at the tree’ – Christmas Eve …

Dec 91 - Xmas 2

Christmas lights in Commissioner Street, central Johannesburg .. (a tradition no more sadly, I am certain.  We seldom venture into the city centre, especially at night)

Dec 91 - Commissioner Street

Christmas Day at Ian and Kathy’s … (Mum and Dad came for Christmas this year too)

Dec 91 - Xmas 5

Father Christmas brought Barbies for the two girls ..

Dec 91 - Xmas 4

Dec 91 - Xmas 6

Fun at Gold Reef City before the year comes to an end ..

Dec 91 - Gold Reef City 4



Dec 91 - Gold Reef City


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