You’re not washing my bed !

Max doesn’t usually see me put his blankets and cushion into the washing machine, but he did yesterday ….  and was most upset ..

Copy of IMG_9764

He pulled out his cushion and carried it away … twice!!!   The third time, I had my camera on hand …

Copy of IMG_9768

Copy of IMG_9771

Copy of IMG_9774

Copy of IMG_9775

Copy of IMG_9776

Nooooo !!!   round and round goes they go  !!!

Copy of IMG_9777

Not to be completely defeated, he pulled his other cushion and blanket down from the stool in the spare bedroom, dragged the blanket to our bedroom and then settled down onto the cushion.   (This cushion and blanket is only used at night)


Looking very pleased with himself !!!!!

Copy of IMG_9780

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Spring cleaning

It’s official !!  It’s Spring !!!

Olive Thrush freshens up to celebrate  !!!





Ready to face the world !!!

Copy (2) of IMG_9702

Welcome Spring :) Summer’s around the corner!!

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Max graduated from Puppy School


Copy of Copy (2) of IMG_9563

Copy of IMG_9626

Our puppy classes came to an end yesterday with a fun day for all the pups, as they graduated :)  I wrote a post about Max’s classes a few weeks ago :

I didn’t include a link to the Puppy School if anyone with new puppies is interested :)  :-

All puppies and people had a great time with puppies having to do the basics learnt at ‘school’ while still having fun

Copy of IMG_9468

Our instructor Shannon ..

Copy of IMG_9472

Copy of IMG_9469

Copy of IMG_9476

Copy of IMG_9475

Amazing how the puppies didn’t bother about the duck anymore!

Copy of IMG_9479

After all puppies were ‘tested’ on their basic skills .. ie sit, sit and down, and sit, stay and down, we all went on a river walk, after which, pups were ‘tested’ on a ‘long recall’ …

Copy of IMG_9480

I loved the large property with natural bush and trees ..

Copy of IMG_9481

Copy of IMG_9482

Object of the exercise was firstly to have fun, with some pups going straight into the muddy water, others not attempting it at all, and others, like our Max, testing the waters edge ..

Copy of IMG_9487

Copy of IMG_9490

Pups have also learnt to not go into other puppies space while on the lead ..

Copy of IMG_9499

Onward through the forest to another open spot – on a dam wall …

Copy of IMG_9504

Copy of IMG_9505

Copy of IMG_9508

Copy of IMG_9510

Copy of IMG_9511

Copy of IMG_9514

Copy of IMG_9513

Basic ‘sit’ ‘down’ etc were tested again.  In a different environment with ‘noise’ as she called it, all the pups did so well :)  ‘Noise’ meant all the different smells in an environment they’re not used to, or haven’t experienced before …

Copy of IMG_9518

Copy of IMG_9527

Then it was time for a ‘long recall’, which we hadn’t done before.  Handlers had to hide behind the trees.  Once hidden, call excitedly to pup …

Copy of IMG_9534

Max was a little slow off the mark, but then went flat out to find hubby …

Copy of IMG_9536

Copy of IMG_9538

I loved this gorgeous Lab .. reminded us of our Robbie …

Copy of IMG_9529

Copy of IMG_9565

Giving a treat …


Copy of IMG_9563

Lastly was a relay race !!!!

Copy of IMG_9576

At the first beacon puppy had to stop and ‘sit’ on command, jump/climb (as is the case for littlies like Max!) over the beam, go round end beacon, back over beam, stop, ‘sit’ and ‘down’ at beacon .. and so on to next puppy and handler.  Max waiting his turn ..

Copy of IMG_9582

Copy of IMG_9591

Copy of IMG_9592

Copy of IMG_9599

Copy of IMG_9600

Copy of IMG_9617

Copy of IMG_9622

Well done Max!!!    Proud parents, we are … so proud  !!!

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Bees are busy .. it must be Spring !

Copy of IMG_9451 (2)

Spring or summer ?   The weather has changed.  Global warming perhaps?  Spring is usually chilly at night with warm days.  It’s supposed to be Spring but even though the nights are chilly-ish, the days are warmer than warm.     But anyway .. if we’ve missed Spring with a blink of an eye, and gone straight into Summer, my spring flowers and flowering shrubs will be struggling under the hotting up sun.

Soooo .. before they come and go in a flash, I’ve been out with my camera –

Viburnum tinus ‘lucidum’ …

Copy of IMG_9379

Copy (2) of IMG_9376

Prunus blireana ..

Copy of IMG_9383

Copy of IMG_9430

Clivia ..

Copy of IMG_9388

Copy of IMG_9395

Copy of IMG_9401

Arum ..

Copy of IMG_9404

Strelitzia ..

Copy of IMG_9415

Copy of IMG_9423

Cape May ..

Copy of IMG_9424

Marguerite daisy ..

Copy of IMG_9428

Sweet peas ..

Copy of IMG_9432

Lavender ..

Copy of IMG_9434

Virburnum : – not sure which one – it’s deciduous and I’ve had it in my garden for many, many years.   It could be viburnum carlesii ..

Copy of IMG_9436

Copy of IMG_9438

Primula malacoides ..

Copy of IMG_9441

Jasmine ..

Copy of IMG_9454

Hebe ..

Copy (2) of IMG_9458

Banksia ..

Copy of IMG_9462


Copy of IMG_9464


I love Spring :) !!!

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Elaine’s birthday picnic in the park

A week has passed since we celebrated Elaine’s birthday enjoying a picnic with friends and family on a glorious day in Delta Park.  Before she gets any older, :)  let me share some photos ;)

Copy of IMG_9164

Copy of IMG_9182

Copy of IMG_9185

Copy of IMG_9190

Max and Lily met for the first time and had a ball playing together, and with Hardy …

Copy of IMG_9279

Copy of IMG_9111


Pretty ‘Snow White’ came dressed in her gorgeous dress and showed everyone her ” tiny, tiny bunny ” in the palm of her hands :)


Copy of Copy (2) of IMG_9117

Copy of IMG_9113

Copy of IMG_9115

We had a hero amongst us!    Two dogs, belonging to a lady who walked passed us,  jumped in and swam after ducks.  One of the dogs got into difficulty and began to panic.  The owner didn’t seem too concerned but we had all seen how frantic the dog became.  Bryan’s cousin stripped and swam across to help the dog, as did a lady from the other side …

Copy of IMG_9120

Copy of IMG_9122

Our hero !!!

Copy of IMG_9125

Copy of IMG_9130

Copy of IMG_9131

Copy of IMG_9135

Copy of IMG_9133

Copy of IMG_9149

Copy of IMG_9168

Copy of IMG_9159

Copy of IMG_9166

A rare photograph !!   Jeanette with her camera!   See her photos and story here : Jeanette’s post

Copy of IMG_9171

Copy of IMG_9177

Copy of IMG_9173

Copy of IMG_9174

Copy of IMG_9155

It’s water .. not wine :)

Copy of IMG_9213

Copy of IMG_9205

Copy (2) of IMG_9226

Copy of IMG_9281

Jeanette capturing Lily napping …

Copy of IMG_9220

Copy of IMG_9215

Copy of IMG_9238

It was an awesome day !!!

Birthday cake .. choccie of course ;)… I made for her special day a few days before to picnic

Copy of IMG_9103

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Throwback Thursday : Mauritius 2010

Busy me !     No time to sit down to do a post continuing ‘memories and highlights of 1997’ but here’s a throwback memory of our fabulous holiday in Mauritius in August 5 years ago ..  this is one of the many, many, many photos I took.

I like the blend of sea, sky and clouds


Wish we were there now !!

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Throwback Thursday : Memories and highlights – 1997

Sooo   …   let’s go back to some memories and highlights!   My last post on 1997 was Jeanette and Lance’s wedding in January.  After the wedding, we took my Mum, for a few R&R days, to the Mont-aux-Sources in the Drakensberg.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photographs.  Not one !!!   We had a video camera in those days which we used the entire time on this trip.   I only have two postcards slotted into the photograph album ..

Feb 97 - Mont aux Sources 1

Tugela Gorge in the Royal National Park ..

Feb 97 - Mont aux Sources 2_0001

My Mum and Elaine walked with hubby and I on the long trail to the Tugela Gorge.   We didn’t quite get there as we felt it was just too far for them, but were surprised at the distance they all covered.  It’s quite tough in the beginning but then levels out .. but you always have to think about the your return and the timing.   It was a wonderful few days :)

Also, in early January, was Keith’s 21st birthday  Keith is the eldest son of Kathy and stepson of my brother Ian.  Such a lovely family xxx

Jan 97 - Keith's 21st

March :  We took a drive out to Magaliesburg one Sunday, as we had never been to the actual town before.  We wondered around the small town popping into antique and nic-nac shops and then drove down to the railway station …

March 97 - Magaliesberg 1

As luck would have it, a magnificent old steam train was parked on the tracks ..

March 97 - Magaliesberg 2

‘Brenda’  is one the magnificent steam engines belonging to Rovos Rail : website – …for info on tours etc (which look absolutely amazing – hubby and I would love to trundle through the country in the luxury of beautifully restored coaches

March 97 - Magaliesberg 4

Quote from Wikipedia :  for info on tours (which look absolutely amazing – hubby and I would love to this)

Rovos Rail is a private railway company operating out of Capital Park Station in Pretoria, South Africa. The Society of International Railway Travelers has regularly named the Pride of Africa, as the train is called, as one of the World’s Top 25 Trains because of its excellent accommodation, public spaces, service, dining and off-train sightseeing.

Rovos Rail runs its train-hotel to a regular schedule on various routes throughout Southern Africa, from South Africa to Namibia and Tanzania. The trains consist of restored Rhodesia Railways (NRZ) coaches with two lounges, two restaurant cars, private sleeping compartments, each with private ensuite facilities. The train has three types of accommodation on board, the smallest being a Pullman, at 76 square feet; the largest being the Royal Suite, which is half a train car, and 172 square feet. All types of cabins have ensuite shower, sink and toilet. The Royal also has a Victorian-style bathtub.[1]

The company was started in 1989 by Rohan Vos [2] and is still family owned. Rovos Rail employs a staff of 210 including the on-board staff to those working to restore carriages in the company’s Capital Park depot.


March 97 - Magaliesberg 3

March 97 - Magaliesberg 5

The train drivers told us that the train was being used for a movie called ‘Pride of Africa’

March 97 - Magaliesberg 6

March 97 - Magaliesberg 7

Through window of lounge car ..

March 97 - Magaliesberg 8

Around the corner from the station was an antique/bric-a-brac shop filled with goodies ..

March 97 - Mberg 7

March 97 - Magaliesberg 9_0001

At that time, I had no idea my Mum was planning a trip on the 100th anniversary of the commemorative train journey from Johannesburg to Bulawayo, celebrating the first passenger train of 1887 between these two cities.  My great-grandmother was the first and only woman on that train.  So, only a few months later, we (Mum, Ian and his family, and I)  stopped at Magaliesburg railway station where we disembarked to watch our steam engine, Rovos Rail’s  ‘Anne’,  chuffing and puffing her way slowly into the station, black smoke billowing, while photographers and steam train enthusiasts took their pics – all my photos and story in a later post of TBT

April :   Rainy days .. Whiskey on lap and favourite book in hand.   Elaine must have read all in the series of Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High …

April 97 - E and Whiskey

May :  Carl decided to spray paint his car, with the help of friend Jonathan, each piece of bodywork a different colour !!

May 97 - Carl's car 2

Somewhat recognisable in the Technikon car park and everywhere else !!!!

May 97 - Carl's car

Visiting the Krugersdorp Game Reserve for the day (40 minute drive from central Johannesburg)   As in all game reserves, getting out of cars is strictly forbidden but there are safe picnic areas

May 97 - Krugersdorp Game park

A small number of lions are kept in a very large enclosure.  There are several different habitats including grassland, rocky outcrops and forest for birdlife, zebra, giraffe and numerous antelope.   In those days there was a family of rhino grazing in the grassland

Copy of May 97 - Krugersdorp Game park 1

July :   We had a short holiday in Ballito where Jeanette and Lance joined us for the weekend.  I think we were there for 8 days or so.  It wasn’t very long and the weather wasn’t that pleasant.   A cold front swept through the country with Jeanette and Lance having difficulty driving through snow on the way home.  No cellphones in those days (well, if there were, we didn’t have them!)  and boy, did we worry about them, not knowing how they were getting on, whether they were stuck completely and if they got home safely !!

June 97 - Ballito 1

Tea and doughnuts on The Boulders balcony with gorgeous view.   There used to be a superb bakery in the village that made the most delicious baked goodies on a daily basis.  Sadly nice coastal village with artisan shops is no longer :(   .. sign of the times

June 97 - Ballito 2

June 97 - Ballito 3

We called him ‘The Thinker’.  For several years, The Thinker, a baboon statue, sat on this rock alongside the promenade.  He was eventually chained to the rock, we presumed due to vandalism, and then one year he was gone, leaving only a patch of cement where he had sat, watching the sea and fishermen ..

June 97 - Thinker

Jeanette and Lance’s first home in a complex …

July 97 - J & L new house 1

It was a lovely two bedroomed unit, adjoining another on the right ..

July 97 - J & L new house

August :  Cheeeeese  !!   Elaine’s 11th birthday at MacRib with best friend Robyn

August 97 - E 11th b-day

September :  Elaine was chosen to take part in the Cecchetti Youth Ballet ..

Sept 97 - E Youth 97

And that’s where I will end ‘memories and highlights – 1997’  for now.  In October of that year, we went down to Hermanus visiting hubby’s Mum and Dad who had recently moved there, and in November I went with my Mum on the 100th anniversary of the commemorative train to Zimbabwe.  I will do separate posts for those

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