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Conversation with Connor

Bradley and Connor stayed for supper last night, after which Connor and I sat outside on the patio…  just the two of us …  having a bowl of ice cream each.  After such a hot day and spending most of the afternoon at mini … Continue reading

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Connor’s first mini cricket match

I was quite excited when Connor said he wanted to play cricket this year .. mini cricket that is.   Grade one’s and two’s play mini cricket at the school and every Thursday, or just about, there are matches held at … Continue reading

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The Isle of Capri …

” ‘Twas on the Isle of Capri that I found her Beneath the shade of an old walnut tree … la la la la laa laa..” Discovered in 29BC by Emperor Augustus, the Isle of Capri, ‘was home of emperors, seat … Continue reading

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A palette of muted shades

I’ve decided to do a quick post before we enjoy the wonders of the Isle of Capri, as, on the day we ventured to the island, the early morning from our hotel was just too beautiful for words !!!   Tranquil.   Peaceful.   Still.   A palette of muted … Continue reading

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Pebbles from Positano

..  from Positano’s beach in fact 🙂 Narrow streets and quaint shops at every turn .. what a beautiful place Positano is … wished we could have stayed much, much longer there.  This is one place to return to one … Continue reading

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On the road to Positano …

After arriving in Sorrento from Pompeii and a quick freshen up at Hotel Corallo, we were back on the road again … on the road to Positano, ‘a village clambering down a vertiginous slope to the sea’.     This time, … Continue reading

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Conversation with kiddies

Setting the scene : at the boys’ school, Connor playing while waiting for Bradley. Bradley strolls out of class .. Connor now chatting with friends further away from where I was waiting Me having to walk all the way down … Continue reading

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