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A stroll .. a lunch .. and a Black Eagle in the park

Continuing from our visit to Maropeng, Cradle of Mankind, (my posts: part 1 and part 2) … hubby and I, together with Mark, Cheryl and Aussie friends, we stopped, on our way home, at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for a light lunch Only in Africa … Continue reading

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Flowers for Friday

I’m quite lost when I don’t collect my grandsons from school, like today, being a school holiday.  Jeanette has the day off from work to spend time with her boys.  No doubt I shall end up in the garden a little … Continue reading

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National Heritage Day

Today is National Heritage Day or National Braai Day, as it’s becoming known!!!! Both hubby and I are from Zimbabwe.  We are Rhodesians by birth and South Africans by ‘adoption’.    I am a member of the Rhodesian Pioneer Society, as … Continue reading

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Maropeng, Cradle of Mankind and Homo naledi : part 2

Following on from previous post which highlighted Maropeng in the World Heritage Site of Cradle of Mankind, about 50 km from Johannesburg :- Having been through the most interesting visitors centre in the Tumulus building, Onica, our very knowledgeable guide, ushered us … Continue reading

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Maropeng, Cradle of Mankind and Homo naledi : part 1

We’ve had visitors from Australia staying with us, hence no posts for a while.  Hubby’s cousin, and wife .. Mark and Cheryl … were accompanied by five friends, one of whom had come with them on a previous visit with her hubby about 16 years ago.  So, we had … Continue reading

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Bees and lavender … lavender and bees

We’ve had glorious soft soaking rain, over the last couple of days, with temps dropping fairly low.   I took these photos before the rain       …

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Pat’s yellow iris

This is for you Ray and Carol 🙂 Gorgeously delicate pale yellow irises are multiplying in my garden.  And thank goodness our first rains last night weren’t accompanied by hail as is usually the case!!   So they are all still … Continue reading

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You’re not washing my bed !

Max doesn’t usually see me put his blankets and cushion into the washing machine, but he did yesterday ….  and was most upset .. He pulled out his cushion and carried it away … twice!!!   The third time, I had my camera … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning

It’s official !!  It’s Spring !!! Olive Thrush freshens up to celebrate  !!! Ready to face the world !!! Welcome Spring 🙂 Summer’s around the corner!! …

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