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And then the rain came

Since my last post a few days ago we’ve had rain, rain and more rain, consisting of  steady light rain petering down to a guti (a fine drizzle) interspersed with several heavy downpours.  My garden is soaking it up!   Or should … Continue reading

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Our pool gets a face-lift

In desperate need of renovation ….   our 34 year old swimming pool ! Nearly empty .. Fresh new marbelite and mosaics … Let there be light !!!!!!    The original light hadn’t worked for probably 20 years!  Now we have a new one 🙂 Nice, … Continue reading

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More autumn pics from my garden .. my sanctuary

We appear to be leading quite a dull life at the moment with no photographs of exciting places or events.     Hubby and I have been involved with personal stuff at home.  Me, with my focus on the hip/bum/piriformis issue .. .which … Continue reading

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Slinky Malinki comes to visit

This is ‘Slinky Malinki’ .. one of our neighbours’ gorgeous jet black cat with green eyes, who, for the past couple of months has been visiting our garden on a regular basis He hops through the gate and strolls around … Continue reading

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Flowers for Friday

How sad.  I’ve nothing to blog about at the moment.  I could give an update on my ‘pesky piriformis’  resulting in stiffness and pain to my entire hip area and now I’m seeing another biokineticist who, with basic pilates muscle identification and strength, will ‘fix’ it !!!!! Sooooo … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Flame lily flowering in my garden : 01.01.2016 …

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Christmas beetles and lattice leaves

Apart from the intense heat and lack of good rains so far this season, Christmas beetles are out in full force, as usual for this time of the year, munching my rose bushes with gusto, it seems .. and my new season basil plants!! … Continue reading

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