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Sunday Selections :

During our holiday spent in Ireland in 2009 (can’t believe it was that long ago!!!) hubby and I went on one of those open top tourist buses that scoot around the streets of cities while you, as passengers/tourists sitting on the … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

Next weekend, Hubby and I are going to the Drakensberg – Champagne Castle to be exact – for a few days and hopefully will be seeing more of the magnificent mountains than we did in 2009.  It is the rainy … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday :

Sligo, Co. Sligo, NW Ireland – Oct 2009 For more contributions to Wordless Wednesday go here and here

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Sunday Selections #3

Something newish from Kim at Frogpondsrock from way ‘down-under’ who has started a meme – Sunday Selections – no rules here and you can submit any photo you like … old/archived or new … ….. I’ll stick to ‘new’ for my … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

Tuesday’s sunset was fiery … so busy capturing ‘the moment’ we had over-cooked supper … just slightly 🙂  Sunset from my garden    –   (Johannesburg, SA)  For more spectacular skies around the world visit Skywatch

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Wordless Wednesday :

For more Wordless Wednesday contributions go here and here

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Feeling a little drained …

This is how I will remember my Mum – walking through gardens and parks, taking in the beauty of all she sees …  … embracing sea breezes whilst walking on a beach, singing like an angel every day around the … Continue reading

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Skywatch Friday :

Flying above the clouds …. …. looks like foam sloshing around on water, but those are clouds taken through a plane’s window … I will be floating around above the clouds tomorrow as I am off to Cape Town (Somerset … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday :

Hermanus, Western Cape For more contributions to Wordless Wednesday go here and here  

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Weekly Winners : 2 – 8 Jan

Focus on …..  …. fiery flames … …. on black ‘coals’ of those fiery flames ..   … on a green ‘hotdog’ ??? !!!! … on a green ‘lantern’ … …. on all the buttons and dials … … of  “mommy’s old camera … Continue reading

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