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Lavender and neighbours

“Lavender blue dilly dilly .. Lavender blue …. “ I love lavender … have tried it in various spots in the garden but this is the most successful. This is the Margaret Roberts variety .. there are seven in a … Continue reading

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Tippy toes !!

Erin on tippy toes Following on my previous post – just had to add this photo of Erin on her tippy toes – and she walks around like this, quite happily!!

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Can’t, shan’t and won’t

We popped in to Jeanette’s house on Saturday afternoon as Jeanette was helping Carl, our son, with some of his photos. Couldn’t miss an opportunity for a family gathering! Erin – contemplating the slide .. yes … I can do … Continue reading

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Look who dropped by ..

There is a family of guinea fowl living in the grounds of a primary school not far from our house. I drive past the field most days, after picking up Bradley from his school .. commenting on the ‘family’ and, … Continue reading

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Bradley’s animals

I have loads of plastic animals .. amongst many other toys … for the boys to play with when they come every day. I have always had some here, in my home, and Jeanette (my daughter and their Mom) has … Continue reading

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My Mum

‘Sylvia’ rose As I had spoken about my Dad last time, and his rose (!) I thought I would add my Mum – and her rose (!) I have the rose, called ‘Sylvia’ in my garden. I planted it in … Continue reading

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My Dad

Koeelbaai area in the Cape ‘Daddy’s Rose’ – Sharifa I am always reminded every year of my Dad when the rose Sharifa, which I call Daddy’s Rose, bursts into flower. It always seems to wait for the 21st October to … Continue reading

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More photos – Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – Zoo

Hundreds of ‘pink’ walkers … mmm…. interesting folk! Ready to cut the pink ribbon to start the walk through the Jhb Zoo Squeezed along bridges through lion enclosure Photo opportunities when we could not move forward The elephant with his … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – Johannesburg Zoo

At the start of the 5 km walk I joined friends to participate in a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk at the Johannesburg Zoo on Sunday. A 5 kilometre walk – stroll actually – around the Zoo. Have never walked in … Continue reading

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A spit and a spot

Bradley waiting for more rain Jackie hiding from thunder We have had extremely hot days lately and when the clouds came over .. and even better .. a bit of lightening and thunder, Bradley and I got so excited! Rain … Continue reading

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