Last look at Florence

Day 12 .. last full day on our tour around Italy, and what a memorable and truly wonderful tour it was!!!

Up early ..  we made our way towards Siena, home to one of Europe’s greatest medieval squares ….  but not before saying our goodbyes to the beautiful Renaissance city of Florence ..

IMG_7521 IMG_7520-early morning

Magnificent panoramic view of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo ..











Copy of IMG_7534

From Ferrari’s to Fiats …. cars were parked in Piazzale Michelangelo ready for a rally over the weekend ..






IMG_7541 IMG_7542

And then we were on our way again ..

IMG_7543 IMG_7544 IMG_7545

Established in 1944, 12 km from Florence, is the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial.  It covers about 70 acres on the west side of the Greve River.

”  Most of those buried here are from the Fifth Army who died in the fighting that followed the capture of Rome in June 1944; others fell in the heavy fighting in the Apennines between then and 2 May 1945. It is run by the American Battle Monuments Commission.”

There are 4402 burials

Copy of IMG_7548    Copy of IMG_7546

A moving experience walking amongst all those white crosses.  So many.  Too many.

Copy of IMG_7551Copy (3) of IMG_7550

Copy of IMG_7552

Copy of IMG_7554On leaving, we were all given a remembrance poppy ..

IMG_0797 (2)



IMG_7557 IMG_7558

Next stop .. Siena

Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy :  June 2013

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  1. Firefly - Jonker says:

    I can really imagine walking in that cemetery would be moving. Wow, so big

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