Kudos to Audi

For those who know my hubby … he loves Audi’s  🙂

For those who don’t know hubby … he is a huge fan of the Audi motor car 😉    He has had five consecutively since 1998 and has recently purchased his sixth !!

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A little background here – when we were first married hubby had a bubble car .. his first car, a Renault Dauphine.  It was old!!  It had ‘air conditioning’ ie holes in the floor which was fine when it didn’t rain!!  Our second car was a disaster .. a second hand or even third/fourth hand VW station wagon which engine seized after about a week!!  We had several second-hand cars after that some with problems, some not so much.  We could at last afford a new car .. brand new, out of the box!!  For many years we only had one car .. there was no back-up!!  We needed one that was reliable!   When Elaine was born, I needed my own car.  We were finally the proud owners of two cars, 26 years ago!!  We made a few mistakes with makes and models until the Audi’s !!

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In between the five and six Audi’s, he purchased a Mercedes .. a beautiful vehicle with a smooth and comfortable ride, quiet on the open road,  lovely large boot/trunk for all our stuff when going on trips .. but we both had a few gripes.  Although the seats were very comfy we felt cramped and hubby’s head nearly touched the roof on the driver’s side.  The seats hugged your hips, the door felt too close, there was no space for my map book down the slit between seat and console !!!!!!  Shocking I hear you say .. who uses a map book when travelling .. I DO !!   .. and my water bottle didn’t fit in the door ‘thingie’ !!!  I had to fiddle to slide it into the little net at ankle level!!!!!

No .. I’m not the reason for going back to Audi!!   The problem was that we had had a Q5 .. the most comfy and spacious vehicle we have ever had.  We LOVED it.  It had one disadvantage .. it was heavy on fuel 😦  .. and with the price of fuel always on the increase hubby felt it best to go a more economical route and go for the Mercedes instead .. still sticking the German engineering …   ‘cos we have our autumn/golden years to consider !!  … and we can’t keep changing vehicles!!!!

But once you’ve had an SUV it’s not easy going backwards changing to a sedan.    So … goodbye Mercedes .. hello Audi Q3!!   A baby !!   Cute as a button this vehicle!!  Just like the Q5 but on a smaller scale, and yet spacious inside.  It’s a fabulous car.  Back to the comfy space around me  … to the slit between my seat and console for my map book, space in the door for my water bottle, room for feet, plus handbag and camera bag !!!!   The boot/trunk is much smaller tho’ than the Q5 so we will have to downsize on ‘stuff’ !!  Our trip down to the Cape recently was driving the Q3, our new baby!!    Perfect for the two of us !

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But ….  our new baby Q3 had a few mechanical problems and was sent back to Audi Centre, Northcliff on several occasions.    We have never had any problems with new Audi’s .. ever!!  This was the first time 😦   Hubby was very disappointed.

Audi Centre, Northcliff’s New Car Sales Manager was a star!!!   Negotiations followed and our car was exchanged for another Q3 .. same colour etc than the last.  Our neighbours don’t even know !!!!  (only if they look at the registration!)


Hubby … and I …  are most impressed with the fantastic and friendly service given by Audi Centre, Northcliff exchanging the car instead of trying to fix it under warranty.  They have always gone out of their way to help.

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Thank you to Audi, New Car Sales Manager and staff 🙂 


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