Hellooooo … I’m still here …

… and will do a decent post tomorrow .. maybe … probably .. hope so !!

What a busy week in this household!  I’ve been dashing around the garden taking photos of bursts of new shoots and spring flowers …  

… I have a new car and love name of the colour ….  I wasn’t terribly keen on the colour but the choices weren’t that great .. silver (I’ve had silver) .. grey and dark grey (hubby’s car is greyish) …     white ..’no’     …     red .. ‘no’      …     brightish blue ..  but I love the name of this colour … Urban Titanium .. cool hey?       (the colour is growing on me 🙂  !!)   

Exciting evening at the iPhoneography exhibition where Jeanette (www.jeanetteverster.com) had several photos displayed of which one canvas was sold – whoo hoo !    More photos … mine .. of the event … to follow  !!  ….

Gotcha …. captured Jeanette taking a photo of her hubby and son with her two canvases – railway tracks .. SOLD!   .. and the train one ! 

…. and then last night we went with friends to see a brilliant show – ‘Rain .. on Broadway’ at Monte Casino !   Brilliant !!!   It’s a tribute to the Beatles … ahh … that music took us right back to our youth …. way back … way way back !!!  I still have a couple of their LP’s – I was big fan … huge fan … in my early teens with my walls plastered with posters and photos !!!  My LP collection is minimal now …. my dear younger brother took most of them to boarding school and sold them for cigarette money !!!    But, I still have Sgt Pepper and Hard Days Night !!

Also a week filled with a yoga and pilates classes and walking on treadmill .. got to get those wobbly bits off !!

Time for bed .. nite nite 🙂


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3 Responses to Hellooooo … I’m still here …

  1. Jenty says:

    OMW only saw now that Connor was climbing up to see the Instagram photos… can’t take him anywhere!

  2. Janet says:

    Oh divine! I am going to see Offbeat Broadway on Thursday night. My ex pupil Anton is in the show and he has invited me to the family / friends evening! I can’t wait! I love the Beatles too! 🙂 My word, you and I, busy, busy! But you are more organised than me. I must get my act together!

  3. Firefly says:

    I think I should chat to the photographers around here and organise a photo exhibition where photos can be bought.

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