Two nights in Sorrento

It was a relief to sit in an air-conditioned coach after the heat and walk-about in Pompeii, making our way through Naples along the highway …



…onto Sorrento, skirting the Bay of Naples with a good view of Vesuvius ..






Our coach stopped at a look-out point for a photo opportunity ..

Copy of IMG_5109

Stunning Sorrento ….


I zoomed into the swimming area ..



Our tour group had a really super hotel on the outskirts of Sorrento, Hotel Corallo.  There were two ‘Best of Italy’ tours running concurrently but we didn’t stayed at the same hotel and hardly ever saw them.  The Tour Directors kept us apart !  Maybe they were afraid we would compare notes 😉  !!!!    We definitely had the better hotel in Sorrento .. perched high on a cliff face overlooking the sea.  It was spectacular !

IMG_5262The only disadvantage of staying there was the distance to the centre of town itself, but it didn’t matter to us at all as hubby and I went on all the extra excursions seeing as much as we could anyway.  I did have a little stroll around the hotel when we had some free time to ‘rest’   ….  and also captured the stunning views at sunrise and sunset .. naturally 😉

As the hotel is built on the cliff face, the reception area is in the middle, with dining area and rooms either upstairs or downstairs.  Our room was upstairs ..


Hubby and I were lucky this trip, we were given a super room facing the front .. facing the sea.   They say on the tour that every couple gets a chance at a staying in one of the better rooms.  That’s what they say.    Hubby and I got the short straw, every time, our ‘Best of France’  trip.   Not once did we have a front facing room – always at the back with nothing to look at, or overlooking a car park.  I know you only sleep there 😉   This time we were lucky ..

IMG_5117 IMG_5115







Dinner in the hotel .. our first evening ..



… and it was Susan’s birthday !!

IMG_5293 Patio leading off from the dining room … from where we watched a breathtaking sunset …







I went exploring around the hotel with my camera …

IMG_5482 IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5485 IMG_5486


IMG_5490 IMG_5491


I spotted a beach way down below, which looked like a public beach


To get down there was a mission !!!!!   I made my way down on an outside path, as this girl was also doing.  Also met up with Maria from our tour group, when we discovered the way down was through a long dark tunnel !!!!



IMG_5494We found the beach !!!   Not spectacular at all .. in fact neither of us would have liked to have swum there ..


IMG_5497 IMG_5498

Walking back up the long dark tunnel, there was only one ‘window’ for light!!   I was completely out of breath going up and if Maria is reading this .. I am fine now.   My blood pressure tablets prevented my heart rate from increasing .. reaching it’s max.  Am on different tablets now and don’t get out of breath anymore 🙂



From our base at the Hotel Corallo, we went to Positano, an evening and dinner on an old olive farm, a boat excursion to the beautiful Isle of Capri .. and more ..

Going through my photos are bringing back such wonderful memories 🙂

….  Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy : June 2013


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One Response to Two nights in Sorrento

  1. I agree, you did have the best hotel. What a view!!!! I don’t think I like those beaches though. Looks like rocky beaches and not sand plus I don’t like the rows and rows of umbrellas. Perhaps I’m spoiled. The tunnel to get down is an interesting concept.

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