Conversation with Connor

Bradley and Connor stayed for supper last night, after which Connor and I sat outside on the patio…  just the two of us …  having a bowl of ice cream each.  After such a hot day and spending most of the afternoon at mini cricket, it had cooled down and was peaceful and quiet

Me :   Wouldn’t it be nice if the sea was just there (pointing to the neighbour’s property) .. then we could sit here, watch the sea and listen to the waves

~~  Chatter about sea and sand followed  ~~

Connor :  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had our house next door to yours at the seaside  …   then I could come and visit you all the time 🙂

Ahh .. love this child 🙂

Copy of IMG_0108


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One Response to Conversation with Connor

  1. jenty says:

    He’s so gorgeous 🙂

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