Connor’s first mini cricket match

I was quite excited when Connor said he wanted to play cricket this year .. mini cricket that is.   Grade one’s and two’s play mini cricket at the school and every Thursday, or just about, there are matches held at the Randburg Sports Ground.  I remember taking Connor along as a littlie when Bradley started mini cricket.  Wonderful watching all the littlies, girls and boys, having such fun!!!

The Grade one’s only started mini cricket on Tuesday and spent their first lesson practicing ball skills.  At short notice, the coaches were informed of the matches, and yesterday the littlies were thrown in at the deep end having to learn how to play an actual mini cricket game.  It was a little chaotic as they didn’t have a clue, but soon got the hang of the basics.

Today’s match was great fun!   They all played so well and loved it!  The coaches, from both teams, encouraged them every step of the way, with the help of moms and some dads who were there.   The rules are simple:  it’s played in a circle which rotates with each batsman having 4 innings, not matter what ie he can be caught out or bowled out.  They each get a turn to bowl and be the wicket keeper

Connor made three runs !!

Copy of IMG_0107

Copy of IMG_0109


Keeping his eye on the batsman ..

Copy of IMG_0115

Copy of IMG_0116

Copy of IMG_0117

Copy of IMG_0125

Copy of IMG_0132

Once they’ve each had a turn in all positions on the field, then it’s their turn to bat ….  watching their team-mates

Copy of IMG_0137Copy of IMG_0148Copy of IMG_0154    Copy of IMG_0156


Copy (2) of IMG_0160

Copy of IMG_0162

Copy of IMG_0173

Copy of IMG_0178

Copy of IMG_0181

Their team lost but it didn’t matter .. they all loved it 🙂 !!



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3 Responses to Connor’s first mini cricket match

  1. jenty says:

    Aww awesome photos Mom!! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there!

  2. Mrs FF says:

    Looks like so much fun…

  3. It’s such a wonderful feeling seeing the kids do sport and enjoy it.

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