Pebbles from Positano

Copy of IMG_0059

..  from Positano’s beach in fact 🙂

Narrow streets and quaint shops at every turn .. what a beautiful place Positano is … wished we could have stayed much, much longer there.  This is one place to return to one day .. definitely!!

Come …..  come with us as we walk down, down, down to the beach … and back up, up and up again !!   I had to be mindful of taking photos of all the fabulous clothing and goodies spilling out onto pavements and through shop windows and doors, but I managed to capture the essence of this beautiful village called Positano ..

IMG_5214 IMG_5212 IMG_5211



Copy of IMG_5216

Wished I could have bought a few .. more than a few … pieces of hand-painted pieces of crockery and other goodies.  I love, love, love the colours !



IMG_5223 IMG_5220


IMG_5227 IMG_5226 IMG_5224

I could have bought lots here !! …


Should have bought at least one painting  …


IMG_5230 IMG_5231

Leather shoes made-to-measure .. while you wait !!


We got kind-of lost finding the beach as every narrowest-of-narrow street was a dead end until we found this one …


Found the beach !!!!


Of course, I had to put my toes in the sea (Bay of Naples)  .. and bring back a few pebbles 😉



No time to linger … back up the narrow steep streets .. .up and up ..


…. passing the paintings .. yet again ..   😦  and not stopping to buy one .. not even a tiny one regretfully 😦


Copy (2) of IMG_5243

Phew .. it was quite a climb, especially in the heat!!   Stopping for an icy cold beer for hubby and chilled glass of wine for me was the only solution … on a creeper covered deck with mist sprays ..

IMG_5251IMG_5244IMG_5245IMG_5249 IMG_5250

IMG_5253 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257


Back on the buses …  leaving this beautiful place on the Amalfi Coast behind … 😦


… back to the hotel to watch the sun go down while we had our dinner (featured in post :  ‘Two nights in Sorrento’


A little keepsake from Positano – a small dish for lemons – which is always in use in my home  …  always bringing back memories of a village ‘ clambering down a vertiginous slope to the Bay of Naples ‘

Copy of IMG_0079

Not a keepsake but consumed after dinner … heavenly dark choccie topped with lemon flavoured choccie … oh it was yummy!!!


End of day one in Sorrento.  Day two : trip to the Isle of Capri and ‘Be my Guest’ dinner on an old olive farm

…  Trafalgar Tours : Best of Italy :  2013

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3 Responses to Pebbles from Positano

  1. jenty says:

    Now that looks like an amazing place!

  2. The place is exquisite. Beautiful streets and lovely shops. I bet it was hard not to just buy buy buy.

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