Baby Gem Squash

I’ve never grown them before!  In fact I’m not good at veggie growing but thought I’d try these little beauties!   This is the largest one so far, being a mere 5cm in length – they shouldn’t grow much larger than that, being the smaller variety –

I believe overseas they are not well known!!   Normal gem squash are a bit larger than a tennis ball    –  interesting article here –

Mine are the baby gems … softer in texture with a delicate flavour.   I scattered a packet of seeds, most of which didn’t come up, but what did grow, is enough for me to handle – they’re taking up a lot of space creeping all over the place!!!

Many of the flowers have dropped off or been chewed off before the gems grow …

There are several of the same size .. which is good !!  We have an accompaniment to a meal … whoo hoo !!!

Intriguing curly-whirly tendrils twirl around whatever they touch …. in this case, rosemary …

… and this one twirling around a green pepper plant ..

The golden yellow trumpet flowers don’t appear to stay open for long – this one below – taken this morning after heavy overnight rain – is the same flower I photographed yesterday (3rd photo from the top – img1235)

… and now it looks like this … (midday)


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  1. Firefly says:

    I’ve been wondering about starting a little veggie garden.

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