Remy the rat’s visit

….. A week or so ago, Bradley brought home the class mascot for the weekend, whereby the child who has the ‘privilege’ of Remy’s company for a few days, has to write about his adventures whilst visiting the child’s  family.    Remy comes complete with a journal in which the child jots down Remy’s adventure.  Jeanette featured Remy and his journal in her blog post  –

Remy, however, started his adventure at our house.  Bradley was so excited about the whole thing and immediately started  jotting down notes …

“” Wheeeeeeeeeeee … ooooh la la ….””      Is that a smile I see on that little blue face ?


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2 Responses to Remy the rat’s visit

  1. I think it is such a brilliant idea and I love your pics

  2. Firefly says:

    This is quite a good idea. I think I should suggest it to Dylan’s teacher as well.

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