My Dad

Koeelbaai area in the Cape

Daddy’s Rose’ – Sharifa

I am always reminded every year of my Dad when the rose Sharifa, which I call Daddy’s Rose, bursts into flower. It always seems to wait for the 21st October to flower when all the other roses in my garden are in full bloom. I took this photo this morning and by evening it should be open – the most beautiful bloom, all frilly and with a glorious perfume. I was planting this rose on 2nd September 2001 when I got the phone call from my sister in law in Harare to tell me that my Dad had passed away. Hence .. my name for the rose. On the 21st October 2001, my brother, his family and I scattered my Dad’s ashes in the Koeelbaai area. We climbed up a mountain as far as we could and scattered them there – overlooking the beautiful bay. Miss you Daddy.

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