Can’t, shan’t and won’t

We popped in to Jeanette’s house on Saturday afternoon as Jeanette was helping Carl, our son, with some of his photos. Couldn’t miss an opportunity for a family gathering!

Erin – contemplating the slide .. yes … I can do it ..

.. no .. I won’t

.. or .. maybe I will ..

.. come fetch me, mommy

I must add – she has no fear, with a Dad and Mum who are both paramedics and insist that Erin will go absailing at a very young age.! Elaine and I are plugging the ballet route as she is always pointing her toes and walks around on tippy toes! Maybe gymnastics? And she had been whizzing down the slide all morning before we got there.. just a little shy when we arrived .. but that lasts just a moment.

No family gathering would be complete without me taking photos of all the children! Poor kiddies – they always have cameras pointed at them. Every gathering, the cameras get whipped out of their cases!

Connor – our little toughie!

.. and Bradley – deep in thought

Sorry guys – my avid followers !! I can’t get it right – I keep pressing ‘publish post’ and Jeanette tells me that you get emails every time! Oops! Need to perfect that one!

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1 Response to Can’t, shan’t and won’t

  1. Jenty says:

    LOL, she’s cute when she walks on her toes!

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