Connor has green fingers

When Connor was in Pre-primary he used to bring home, in his pocket, seeds which he had found on the ground, to plant in my garden 🙂    My gardener, Samuel, in his wisdom, sometimes leaves weeds to flourish and plants are whipped out (usually when small and insignificant)  This is what has happened to the little seeds, from Connor’s pocket, that germinate.   Samuel even went as far as to take out two young plants that were growing in pots!!!!   Connor and I decided to plant them directly into a pot so that Samuel wouldn’t get his hands on them.  That didn’t work.

Finally we decided to plant seeds where I knew Samuel wouldn’t see them – two amongst herbs and two right up against a downpipe.   Success !!!  One against the downpipe didn’t survive but one has …

Copy of IMG_5140

Two in the herb garden have flourished!!

Copy of IMG_5136

Hubby and I went to the Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery this morning and there I discovered what they are:  Calpurnia aura .. a small tree 2-4 metres (photo from )


The reason for our visit to this nursery was to buy a tree to replace my beautiful silver birch which we used to sit under for summer lunches and teas, and, which was cut down having been struck by lightening.  I planted a Pride of India in it’s place but, oh my .. it’s been soooo slow!!   I’ve now whipped that out as we would probably never sit under it’s shade in our lifetime (in this house) and replanted it to hide the neighbours side of house and ugly air conditioner .  I’ve been researching small trees, especially indigenous, to put in ‘the spot’.  In the end,  it was to be either a Wild Pear ‘Dombeya rotundiflora’  or a Pompom tree ‘Dais cotinifolia’ .    According to the nursery the Pompom tree is faster growing …. we have a winner!!!!  Hopefully, we’ll be able to sit under it’s shade !!

Now … where do I plant Connor’s little tree?   I’ll give the other two to his mom 🙂    Just need to lift them carefully without damaging the roots.  I read that they should be split when full leaves appear.  The two larger ones have several full leaves.  Holding thumbs!!


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2 Responses to Connor has green fingers

  1. catjuggles says:

    Oh I adore a beautiful tree – I hope this new one give you shade soon enough. Connor’s little trees will be a great growing experiment

  2. You have to threaten my two to get them anywhere close to the garden (or anywhere else they need to actually do some work)

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