A weekend in the Central Drakensberg

Moving on from our idyllic holiday in the Transkei, hubby and I spent a weekend at one of our favourite spots in the Drakensberg … Champagne Castle Hotel.

As usual, I’ve taken more than enough photographs!!!   Majestic mountains are like the sea.  One can gaze at their beauty for hours!!  One can also capture them time and time again, each photo never the same.

As we drove closer to our destination, the magnificent mountains were shrouded in cloud, mist and rain.   We were in for a wet couple of days ..

Mommy peahen and her chick huddled under the eaves of the hotel out of the chilly rain while humans, including us on our arrival, huddled in the warmth of the lounge sipping tea

I see you .. and you see me ..

For just a moment, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared .. just for a moment !

Then they rolled in again ..  playing hide and seek with mountains for the next 48 hours or so ..



We did however get a chance to walk along the road and up the mountain


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A few more images from Umngazi before our departure

I had to take a few final photographs before breakfast and our departure from Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa .. a place of serenity .. a place to revive ones soul .. a place to breathe

Early .. very early morning tea taking in the peace and tranquility from our bungalow ..

A bit hazy :  we hadn’t seen the cows on the beach for two mornings, but there they were on this, our last morning …  ‘ til the next time cows and bulls ..

Two of my favourite pics ..  (second photo isn’t balanced which is a pity.  I should have taken a touch further to the right to get the cow further into the frame)

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Our last evening at Umngazi

All good things must come to an end.

As evening fell, shadows softened and lengthened and we enjoyed sundowners whilst watching the sun setting followed by a curry evening on the deck …

Delicious curries ..

Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa  …  http://www.umngazi.co.za/

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White sand and blue water

As hubby and I were walking down the path to our bungalow during our recent holiday at Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa, the sight of the dunes against the blue water of the river was stunning !!   The sun must have been in the perfect spot for me to capture this moment.   The water in the river was so blue and the sand was stark white, but by the time I took my camera out, shadows had appeared on the dunes  ..

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A few images from Umngazi

Oh my .. how the days pass quite so quickly is a somewhat startling.  I see it’s over a week since my last post.  I still have photographs from  Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa, a little piece of paradise on the Wild Coast of Transkei in the Eastern Cape …

On this day, all meals were served on the deck due to maintenance to the dining room floor ..

After our Spa treatment, (previous post)  hubby and I went for a short walk on the beach and a last paddle in the sea.  Sadly we were leaving the following day

One the village dogs was concerned watching a human crossing the estuary …

We noticed they, the dogs, did not like going into the salty sea water at all.   Poor dog was so worried about this human, he got caught a swell  ..

He wasn’t as concerned watching us wade through the rising water  ..

… but did keep an eye on us from a safe distance …

Calm waters once again … dog was happy and wandered off ..

I spotted this colourful locust on the rocks as we walked back for lunch and an afternoon snooze ..


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The Spa at Umngazi River Bungalows

Oh yes … this was magic !!   Hubby and I had a back, shoulder and neck massage at the Spa which is situated high on the hillside behind the main lodge with a stunning view !!   It’s quite a hike to get there up various paths but there is an easier way via the road !!  We chose the hike!!

View from the main deck of the Spa …

Paths to change rooms and various treatment rooms, all tucked away amongst trees and bushes, and all with a view …

‘ our’  couples treatment room …

Ladies and Gents changing rooms and showers ..

Ladies changing room and shower ..

One of two deluxe Spa suites (Ntabeni) ..  situated near the Spa …

My purchases :  beautifully fragranced moisturizing Africology Body Butter  and LT International Homeopathic Aromatherapy Massage Oil .  I rub the neck massage oil on my lower back too .. it’s marvellous !!

Next time a full body hot stone massage would be awesome !!!!!!!!

Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa on the Wild Coast


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A few photos from Elaine’s baby shower

A diversion from Umngazi posts and pics (they will be back!)  I have been a busy bee lately, hence lack of communication via my blog… one thing has kept me occupied has been organising and preparing for Elaine’s baby shower which was on Saturday.   Thank you so much to all who helped and all who came making her special day a happy and successful one.  Jeanette took fabulous photos which are on her Facebook page.  I took only a few …

My normal choccie cake, this time of three layers, iced with buttery icing and decorated with bunnies and fresh white and a few pink gypsophila, plus three miniature roses (the last on my bush)  .. the theme for her shower  (Instagram pic)

What a pity I didn’t take a photo of the 55 metre long bunting strung up all over the place creating a pretty festive feel.  I had fun making it 🙂

I wish I could share Jeanette’s photo of Elaine’s priceless expression when she opened my prezzie  …. Murgatroid the Moose !  Elaine’s babe-in-tum is known as baby Moose 🙂    A moose themed shower seemed rather dull, as they are particularly unattractive and cute pictures etc are few and far between !!!!   BUT hallelujah, I found one at the  laFede  stand at Kamers Market a few weeks ago.  She was the last one according to her maker ..  number 20 of 20!!  Quite unique !!  I am sharing laFede’s Pinterest photo ..

I wasn’t going to take any photographs of Elaine opening gifts as Jeanette had the photography under her wing, but I couldn’t resist capturing Robyn’s little one year old, Georgia, getting more and more excited as each prezzie was opened ..

Mackenzie had fun crawling up and down the step with Georgia giving a helping hand, or a gentle shove !!!!

Below are a few pics I took the following day of some of the simple flower arrangements we had scattered about

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