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Bradley and Connor meet Max

This was over a week ago, when the boys met Max for the first time after I had collected them from school. They were delighted!!!   A new puppy to play with!!  A small puppy!!   A puppy with needle-like  teeth and equally sharp tiny claws!!! … Continue reading

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Bradley turned 12 today !!

Our first grandchild .. our first grandson .. my ‘Bradley Bear’ .. is growing up.  I’ve looked after him since he was 4/5 months old when Jeanette went back to full-time work And now he’s twelve!!!   Connor ‘photo bombing’ his photos … Happy … Continue reading

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Clambering over Melville koppies

Well … over a small part of Melville koppies to be exact.  I went with Jeanette and the boys yesterday afternoon as she wanted to take a ‘bird’s eye view’ photo for her blog:    She wasn’t happy with her … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Jackie – our special little girlie

It’s been a week since Jackie, our old girlie went to doggie heaven.   At the moment, we are looking after Hardy, Elaine and Bryan’s puppy, while they are on holiday .. which certainly fills the void.  But we miss her terribly 😦 … Continue reading

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Keeping boys busy

School holidays are extremely long at this time of the year.  They go back on Tuesday .. yay!!     It’s then back to the usual lunch time pick-ups and afternoon activities for me.    Boredom doesn’t have a chance to set in during school terms … Continue reading

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Fun in the pool

One hot day + two boys = fun in the pool! Jeanette dropped off Bradley and Connor the boys off on her way to a wedding photo shoot           …

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Boys rated my hamburgers ..

Sooo… my grandsons, Bradley and Connor, rated my hamburgers on a par – or just about anyway – with Wimpy!!!!   I was shocked !!!   .. and dismayed 😦 Does this look like a Wimpy hamburger ?  !!   Succulent beef … Continue reading

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