A new bird in our garden : Puffback – Dryoscopus cubla

I am running out of space on my ‘momsmeanderings’  blog and am going to have to start a new domain otherwise I will have to pay to continue on this site.  Payment in dollars is way too complicated for me.  I am hoping I can have all my posts follow me to the new site … which incidentally, the set of which baffles me completely and need Jeanette’s help.   I have tried, and tried but I can’t get beyond Step 1 !!!!

Linking my current site to a new one in order not to lose followers is a must.   Me being of a non-techie/computer illiterate brain, it seems the obvious thing to do so my archives etc aren’t lost into cyber space !!!!!!!!!!!

In the meantime on a happier note, there was a new bird in our garden over the weekend !!!  Not technically in our garden but in the neighbours tree that hangs over our garden wall  I dashed to fetch my camera when I heard a new sound – a click-whistle (q-weeu). He was quite difficult to photograph as he briskly hopped from branch to branch hiding amongst leaves while q-weeu-ing

Puffback – Dryoscopus cubla   –   (Afrik – Sneeubal)

Copy of Copy of IMG_1364

Copy (2) of Copy of IMG_1360


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