Walking with Africanis (the dog of Africa)

Some dismiss them as mongrels and strays. But these dogs are a distinct breed, endemic to southern Africa and with a proven lineage going back some 7 000 years. They are the Africanis – the dog of Africa.”   Quote from : https://www.brandsouthafrica.com/people-culture/arts-culture/africanis-the-dog-of-africa

Some employees at Umngazi River Bungalows catch the boat from beach to lodge at the spot where the gong stands (to alert boat driver people need to cross).   On this particular early morning I heard mournful howls from several village dogs as their owners crossed the river …  naturally I zoomed in to have a peek

They were still there when hubby and I walked to breakfast ..

They were still there when we ourselves crossed the river for a morning walk along the beach, over the hill and onto the adjacent beach ..

… and then they latched onto us, following us the entire way there, and back !  .. ‘picking up’ a puppy on the way back (not literally for fear of ticks and dreaded tick bite fever !)

They played with each other all the way along the beach, including with a crab ..

Path goes from beach, over the hill to adjacent beach …

Doggies were not happy seeing us take the path but followed anyway …

Spot the dog ..

Went through thick coastal bush …

Another unspoilt beach … isn’t it beautiful !

I had to have a dip in the sea here.  Strange feeling to be the only one in the sea …  (I am not in the photo but took it to remember my swim there .. in that spot !)

I had to pack my camera away while climbing up the hill again – it was very steep !

Dogs sheltered from the extremely hot sun whenever possible …

This is the puppy …

Yellow-billed kite …

Nearing ‘our’ beach again, walking through the thick coastal bush …

Back on the beach the dogs ran off to play together and walk and run with other people.  As for the puppy .. he followed the bigger dogs and eventually ended up on the other side of the river opposite the main hotel.  I am hoping he found his way back to his owner/s or found a new home.  Quite distressing actually, but what can one do in this environment

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