Another milestone for Connor

Being a full-time-hands-on granny, I have witnessed most of our grandsons milestones.

Today I watched Connor walk the ‘short walk’, (as I did when Bradley advanced to Grade 4)   a tradition held at the school for 20 or so years, whereby, when the children progress from Grade 3 to Grade 4 ie from Junior Primary to Senior Primary, they are led by a bagpiper between a corridor of children (from Grade 1 to Grade 7’s).   He is now in Senior Primary !!  Oh my .. now time is flying!!   It seems as if it was only yesterday I collected him from his first day at Pre-primary, in Grade 000.  Not without a touch of drama!!!   I was approached by the Pre-primary Principle and Connor’s new teacher, to tell me that he had been bitten by one of the children in his class!!!   I was shown the bite mark and also told that Jeanette had been phoned.  It’s all been smooth sailing on first days of the year since then.  (The littlie ‘biter’ had anger issues as it turned out and Connor just got in the way)

Back to today …. a short assembly was held on the school field before the ‘short walk’ ..






Grade 1’s … too sweet in their oversized blazers and hats..



Grade 4’s turn their blazers inside out .. boys turn their caps inside out and girls carry their straw bashers under their arm ..


Jeanette taking a pic of piper ..


Principal leads the Grade 4’s.   I do like her enthusiasm for the children and the school .. and her smile ..




Look at that face 🙂   proud as punch !








The Principal then stands at the staircase to the Grade 4 block wishing the learners well for their year ahead.   A fabulous tradition !!!




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1 Response to Another milestone for Connor

  1. hilaryjgreen says:

    Lovely photos! This was one of my favourite traditions!

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