I don’t ‘do’ change very well

It appears the ‘workings’ of WordPress has changed.   I liked the old / alternative format of writing and downloading photos to a blog post.  Oh my .. another learning curve for me!  Never a dull moment !!

Added a photo with no problem .. let’s see if everything else works (for me!) smoothly. I don’t like the way the Stats appear for one thing.   I also don’t see how much more space I have in this WordPress a/c before I have to start a new one (or buy a website).

” sigh ” I suppose I’ll have to get used to it.  Am hoping it’s a glitch and all the tiny men within this computer are working frantically to sort out the problem and all will be back to normal tomorrow !!

Flower is from an indigenous shrub in the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens where we picnicked on Monday, 2nd Jan.  I haven’t managed to find out the name of it.  Does anyone know?


Posting this to see what if it works  …. here goes 🙂 ….


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