Picnic concert with Watershed at Warwick Wine Estate

Ian, Kathy, hubby and I spent a lovely relaxing day out at Warwick Wine Estate in Stellenbosch on our last day in the Cape, enjoying a picnic with Warwick wines and listening to chilled music of a local South African band, Watershed.   Picnic concerts are popular in the Cape where there are so many wonderful, picturesque venues from public gardens to vineyards and other such places.  I took some pics while people were gathering.   The water fountain was a big hit with the kiddies who ended up soaked by the end of the day … and there was a chilly wind blowing the whole day into the late afternoon.  Many kiddies had blue lips and limbs  !!





Here comes my ‘ hairy biker’  brother 🙂 !!


img_8127 img_8128 img_8129 img_8130


Beautiful setting …


img_8103 img_8104

Watercolour of the wine estates’  Wedding Cup.   We bought one for Elaine and Bryan to celebrate their wedding, which is explained thus … On the day they got engaged Elaine and Bryan picnicked, with Daniella, her cousin, at Warwick.  The legend is told in the highlighted link above (Wedding Cup) but briefly the story goes that if a couple can drink from the cup at the same time without spilling a drop, they will be blessed with love and happiness forever





Picnic boxes for kiddies  ..


Picnic boxes for grown-ups ..

img_8108 img_8109

I must say, it was just a little disappointing but I suppose catering for a mob is not an easy task.   Warwick’s normal picnics are amazing, which we have experienced on a previous occasion.  But saying that, it was nice.  The bread was awesome !!! .. and so were local cheeses ..

img_8110 img_8111

Delicious dessert in a jar ..



Look at those curly locks !!!!   My hairy biker brother Ian and his beautiful Kathy   🙂










This little guy was had a ball with his truck, filling it with gravel and dumping it in the water trough.  By the end of the day he was pulling out reeds from the soggy earth from the splashing kiddies .. dumping reeds and mud in the truck and tipping it out elsewhere.   One wet and muddy happy boy 🙂


These girls also had a ball in the water fountain ..

img_8169 img_8171

Thanks Ian and Kathy 🙂   it was an awesome day !!!

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1 Response to Picnic concert with Watershed at Warwick Wine Estate

  1. jenty says:

    Looks like it was a fabulous day out.

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