Donna’s baby shower

Donna’s very early baby shower was on Saturday.  Her little baby boy is only due in May next year but as her sister is emigrating soon, Robyn didn’t want to miss the opportunity of holding a baby shower for Donna.  It was awesome!  And she was given gifts galore !   What a wonderful way to start gathering baby stuff months before baby is due with a baby shower first !!!   She can now eliminate items from her own baby shopping list.  Fantastic idea !

The theme for the shower was little lambs… too cute !!   Donna and her hubby were told they were having a baby boy only days before the shower, therefore blue in the décor was minimal.  I made the cake … my usual choccie cake!   As I’ve mentioned in many posts, I do not know how to make sugar figurines or sugar art of any sort, I use real toys etc.  How difficult it was to find lambs !!!!!  There were plenty of baby goats, ducks, horses, cows, pigs but no baby sheep anywhere!    Finally, lambs found !


Usually my cake decorating tells a story, which in this case is as follows :-  three little lambs are lost in a meadow of Gypsophila (or Baby’s Breath)    First little lamb finds a path out of white meadow and others follow .. as lambs/sheep do 😉


This furry cutie lamb was the only one I found initially …







copy-of-img_8414 copy-of-img_8416 copy-of-img_8419


Two beautiful girls .. my gorgeous daughter and my very special friend, Sandy – mom to Robyn and Donna, and granny to gorgeous Georgia and new soon-to-be, well … not too soon-to-be little babe ‘blueberry’ …


Gorgeous Georgia, who didn’t seem to know what to do with this new little friend ..

copy-of-img_8432 copy-of-img_8434

Checking for teeth seemed the right thing to do 🙂




Robyn giving us the run-down on the proceedings for the afternoon 😉  Heartfelt and emotional speeches followed.   It’s such a privilege and a blessing to have this amazing family in our lives  ..


…. Mom and granny-to-be (for grandbaby no. 2) …




… Mom-in-law, Sue  ..

copy-of-img_8471 copy-of-img_8478

… and sister, Robyn ..

copy-of-img_8483 copy-of-img_8484 copy-of-img_8485

Gorgeous mommy to be …




As I said earlier .. gifts galore ….


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2 Responses to Donna’s baby shower

  1. Looks like it was a lovely day 🙂

  2. catjuggles says:

    Oh such beauty and love everywhere

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