Flying into Cape Town

I seldom sit at a window but on this flight to Cape Town a week ago, I did.  Often flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town the plane comes down straight onto the runway.  No messing about.  Descends and lands screeching to a halt!    And sometimes it cruises over the coastline, banking over the sea.  Even those not sitting at a window can see the sea, depending on which side of the plane you are seated of course.  Sometimes it’s windy when the surface is tossed with white-horses .. and sometimes it’s calm when you see shades and shadows of blues and sea greens with little white dots that become canoeists as you descend towards landing.

On this day we banked over the sea.   Window seat .. yay!  I can see clearly now!  Except a dirty window was between camera and view … and only thought of taking pics once we had cruised passed Robben Island and Table Mountain.  Cape Peninsula is seen in the haze right down to Cape Point hugging False Bay …


Banking over the sea with Table Mountain and Lions Head in the distance and the Cape Flats in the foreground ..


Heading straight for the runway with Stellenbosch and Helderberg Mountains, Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay in the blue haze …


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2 Responses to Flying into Cape Town

  1. PaulaIdalina says:

    Oh how I hope to see beautiful Cape Town in person one day!!

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