Not one .. but two new beds for James !

Our little James is growing!   As seen in my previous post, he already has a new bed (promotion gift from Hills pet food), a large cushion really and ideal for hot summer days when he wants a little bit of comfort, especially for daytime.

Hubby and I have had our eyes on a Dog’s Life bed, mainly because Hardy and Lily each have one which they love sleeping in.  So naturally we had to get one for our little Jamesie-poo 🙂

He now has choices ..  a super smart red day bed ..


.. a new Dog’s Life bed like his ‘cousins’ and best friends Hardy and Lily ..


..and his crate (upgraded from small pup size to larger) which he’s had since we brought him home.  That is his safe space which I am sure he’ll use when summer storms arrive with the terrific lightening and thunder we get here.   We are in the lightening belt so they’re spectacular, sudden and very loud!!!!!


He was ecstatic when he saw his latest bed .. a bed to grow into 🙂   He bounded in, testing the cushion, ‘headrest’ and corners for nose snuggling


An opportunity for a mini photoshoot … celebrating his 5 months old birthday tomorrow ..



copy-of-img_7547 copy-of-img_7548 copy-of-img_7549


‘Eye’  see you !!!!   Pleeeeeze leave me in peace while I take a snooze




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3 Responses to Not one .. but two new beds for James !

  1. Happy Birthday! Nugget has 4 beds plus her crate & she uses them all:)

  2. PaulaIdalina says:

    What a cutie! Love his red dog bed!

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