Grey Lourie : “Go-away birds” : ‘Corythaixoides concolor’

Before dashing off to yoga the other day, I spotted ..  from my kitchen window .. 8 Grey Louries on the telephone wire !!    I had to grab my camera naturally 😉

Copy of Copy of IMG_6884

They always remind me of our childhood picnics in the Rhodesian bush when we lay on a blanket under dappled shady trees breathing in the hot midday African bushveld air, the silence broken only by soft sounds of coo-cooing doves (Laughing Doves I would think)  and the loud drawn-out nasal go-‘waaay of Grey Louries, hence the common name ‘Go-away’ birds.

They are frequent visitors to my garden when I put out fruit in the birdfeeders, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen eight all the same time.

Caught this chappie diving for an slice of apple …

Copy of IMG_6887

Copy of IMG_6893 Copy of IMG_6895

Copy of IMG_6890


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